Is anyone still awake I'm in need of suggestions.....hmm

Hi, everyone. I want to buy my very first pair of circular knitting needles
(I hear they are easier on your hands and right now I am having some unexplained, intermittent, hand pain) and I was going to buy a size US 8. Mainly for making baby blankets but for other things as well since it is a general sized needle :wink: I was wondering what length cord would be best also does anyone have any recommendations as to what kind I should get bates, boyes, denises, addis, etc there are so many on the market :?? :shock:
My first poject with them would be a beautiful buttercup yellow colored baby blanket using bernat satin which is simply beautiful for being acrylic :inlove: Plus I’m on a budget :frowning:

Weeellllll, you know that if you use Addis you’ll never want to knit with anything else… :wink: but I hear Susan Bates Silvalumes are comparable, and not quite as pricey. :smiley:

Have you looked at Used needles, oodles of them, you could probably afford to buy several different sizes! :happydance:

Do you know if addis have that curve in the needle? I seen them on others and I’m not so sure I would like that because my hands are forced in different positions depending on where my pain is that particular day :rollseyes: I hear addis are addictive :smiley: What length cord would you suggest?

I only have 16"s and 24"s…none of my needles are curved. The needle part is totally straight and the cord is sooo flexible.

As far as size goes…it really depends on what you knit the most. I have a lot of 16"s because I knit a lot of socks and kids’ items…I’ve just started accumulating more 24"s which are great for bigger things like sweaters. I’m not sure about what’s best for blankets because I don’t knit them. :smiley:

Thanks Julie :wink: Where do you buy your addis from? Also any other opinions would be appreciated

The needles are straight on Addis. That’s one of the reasons I like them. If you’re planning to knit flat, get one as long as you can, 40" even, because then you can use it for magic loop, too.

I have 3 sets of addis. I use the 12" #3s often,. because they work with thin yarn in smallish diamater round knitting. I never use the other ones. They are SO slippery that it makes it harder (for me) to knit. I love my denise set; the needles work with ALL types of yarn, cotton, mohair, merino, acrylic… it’s never to slippery and it’s never too sticky. I know so many people here love the addi turbos, but I don’t like them as much.

ducking from the tomatos :hiding:

Ingrid thanks :wink: Do you know where I could by some cheaper addis, Im kind of on a budget right now :frowning: Also I don’t know how to do the magic loop :shock:

A lot of people buy them from Jeff on ebay–there’s a link in this thread.

You don’t have to know how to do magic loop now, but if you decide to learn, you might as well have the right needle. :wink:

Hilde, thanks:) I might just end up trying both the denises and the addis eventually because the curiousity is killing me :lol:

Addis, denises, susan bates silvalumes hmm decisions decisions :doh:

Your right Ingrid I can learn magic loop and I wont have to go out and get a new needle to do it :smiley: Will the cord get in my way if its too long because Im only gonna do a cast on of about 80 to 110? :thinking:

The cords are so flexible on Addis that they never feel that they’re in the way, but if you wanted you could go smaller, but I would’t go smaller than 32" for knitting flat.