Is anyone going to the NYS sheep and wool festival?

A friend of mine asked me to go. She lives in NJ, two hours from the festival. I live in NY, 3 1/2 hours from the festival. Do you think it’s worth the drive? Has anyone evern been?

I’m going!!!
I can’t wait :slight_smile:
it’s supposed to be reallly good, lots of fiber :inlove:. One year my knitting teacher met someone there that lived in her area that had an alpaca farm. So she got two from them :slight_smile: so there’s always some sort of opportunity!
and it’s about a 3 hour drive for me…

I will be going. Last year was my first time and it was amazing. It can be totally overwhelming, but don’t let that turn you off. It is about 2 hours south of me, but well worth the drive, get there early, you could really spend 2 days there. Make sure you have some projects in mind, because it’s really easy to get distracted once you see all the roving, yarn, etc. I hope you go and have a great time.

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I posted some pix and my fanatical feelings about this fantastic show… would love to say hello/meet for a coffee with anyone who is going. I think I’m going on Saturday but not definite yet. (Sunday if not Saturday but I think I want the Sat energy this year, although I’d like to go BOTH DAYS)!

Great fun.
Note the name: it’s about Sheep and Wool,
not knitting per se.
Though of course there’s plenty of knitting-related action.
Tons of good stuff to buy from small vendors.
And sheep – acres of sheep, doing their thing.

I’m planning to go Saturday and connect with some friends who are vendors.