Is anyone going to knit this camisole?

it’s May 2007 Creative Knitting~ ( I just ordered my subscription~) Sorry no pic~ :doh: but it’s knitted in worsted weight yarn, sz 8 needles

Sublime camisole~ it has a crocheted border and sleeves but it is a basic K2P2 rib…
I have never made a tank before but I think I am going to try this easy one~!! :happydance: :happydance:

Here’s a link to the website

Is it no. 42?kinda orangy with really frilly crochet shoulder straps?

C ute top! What is the fiber in the yarn they suggest?

THANKS FEMINISTMAMA~ That is EXACTLY the tank I’m talking about~ I am trying to decide what kind of yarn to use : the pattern calls for Plymouth 100 % cotton color: fantasy naturale:

YEP~ I have never made a tank before but I THINK I can actually do this this one…
I am trying to decide what kinda yarn to use b/c I am XL so it would call for 5 skeins of yarn. I have some Misti-cotton I got from the LYS for $10 skein, I love the feel but I don’t think I will spend that much on a tank…
I also bought somer bernat cotton tots which is also soft as a possibility and I even thought about Sugar n Cream ~ buying it by the cone from Cotton Clouds b/c they have multiple solid and vaigeated color and it’s machine washable/ dryable… but I concerned it may be WAY too scratchy~

Whad you think::
:shrug: Ainee

Hello~ :oops: :whistle:

Is anybody out there ??? :hiding: nobody has answered me~! :pout:

I would appreciate someone’s input… if they would~ :psst:

I’m here!

What is the gauge? Cotton Tots is soooo soft - I would vote for that. Is Cotton Tots considered worsted weight? I would definately say no to Sugar n Cream - unless you were making a very lacy top to go over another top.

I’m going back to check out that pattern again…I would also make an XL, and that might be a great spring/summer project.

Holly :muah: for replying…
I started the camisole in peaches and cream in a vareigated purple/yellow/blue/white and am going to alternate every 1-2 skeins with a solid purple
and I also bought some berant cotton tots in a purple and I bought the April issue of Knit N Style and it has few more tanks … I am looking at it now so I can decide which pattern to try the bernat on~! :happydance: