Is anyone else feeling sorry for themselves?

I’m feeling very sorry for myself (as well as feeling stupid). I scalded my left hand last week and it’s just starting to get better and now tonight I’ve burnt my right hand with steam :help: Both burns are mainly on my index fingers so they’re hard to avoid touching and moving :waah: I didn’t realise tonights burn was going to be as bad as it is and didn’t put it under cold water for long enough so I suppose it my own stupid fault that it hurts so much now :oops:

Are you feeling sorry for yourself tonight?

Ouch. Burns are horrible. I hope you heal fast!
Yea, I’ll join your pity party. I can’t go into details, but I’m feeling sorry for myself, too. :waah: :grphug:


Pity party, I’ve not heard that expression before! :grphug:

Oh, Pity Parties are great when someone is feeling down. Sorry that some are sad today. :muah:

:grphug: :hug:
For you all
Can i join the pity party my backs still very painfull and i have nerve damage that effects my hands
Wont stop me knitting though :stuck_out_tongue:

I always find that when I hurt myself once, I’m like an accident waiting to happen, especially with burns.
One summer I burned my arm on the oven, then I did it again and again- all on different days. It ended up making a large Z on my arm, so all summer I said I was marked by Zoro!

Nope, not feeling sorry for myself. I live with pain every single day. Between back problems and a bad hip as a result of a wreck I live every day in pain. You get used to it.

I do however feel sorry for you or anyone else dealing with pain issues as they aren’t any fun.

:grphug: for everyone, especially Mason and Nikki.

I’ve got to soldier on today, lots of housework to do. I’m not looking forward to the washing up though! I’m just a big wuss :oops:

I am in the same pity party bad back and the nerve damage is in my legs. So yup you may feel sorry for yourself. May your burns heal up fast.:heart::hug:


I have a spine problem too, so I know how you feel Mason. Sorry everyone is feeling bad.

Me?..have PMT and cramps, a migraine (see former as to why) and I lost a cap off one of my teeth. Due to the first reason I can’t get it fixed till later on in the week.

Oooh there is nothing like a good pity party:wink:

I so understand. Last year at this time - Between January 1st and March 1st I was dealing with: Moving my mom (alzheimers)into a memory care home which she hated and hated me for, had to replace my furnace, pipes burst in my attic causing huge damage in my apt and the one below me, I fell over my dog right on my face breaking my nose and loosening my front teeth.

As the year progressed my dog took a bad allergic reaction to anesthesia and was very, very sick for 6 weeks, after that he needed eye surgery. While that was happening I suffered a back injury and could not sit down…horrible pain.

But 2008 is a new year. My mom is adjusting, dog is happy and healthy and my back feels good…not perfect but good enough.

My house is still standing with no major systemic issues.

Sometimes life sucks but when things get good again it is blissful:)

:grphug: Awwww How did you go and do that to the other hand as well ? I know you are in pain. Just try and relax hun and i hope it gets better real soon.:hug:

Sorry to hear about your burns! I tend to do the same thing!

I too am feeling sorry for myself, I officially have carpal tunnel ( I know, join the club), my arthritis in my left knee is flaring and I just found out I have to pay $850 in taxes because of the alimony I receive. (Yeah I know, at least I get alimony… but didn’t I earn that in the twenty years I was married to that idiot?)
So I join you in the pity party but only for a little while. I hope your burns clear up soon and you’re back to normal! It’s hard not to have use of your hands! :muah:

Ow, I am so sorry you are having such a trouble. Burns are one of the most painful things to deal with. Use a good antibiotic salve to keep the burn from getting infected and if it is large I would keep it wrapped for a couple days at least to keep it clean. Hope you feel better.

As for feeling sorry for myself. I am one of those kooky people who rarely feel sorry for themselves. Whenever something happens bad to me whether it is injury, sickness, financial, family, whatever I usually boohoo for about an hour then pick myself up and always realize someone somewhere has it worse than I do so I then just get on with my life. It has always helped me get through whatever bad is going on to know that whatever is going on with me is minimal compared to someone else I could help in some way.

Hope you get to feeling better real soon. :hug: :hug: :muah: To you

:grphug: to everyone. It must be the weather–no, really. I was reading a book yesterday and one of the characters died and I CRIED! Not just a tear. Nope, one of those “I’ve got to the leave the room 'cause I’ll never be able to explain it” cries. I hate crying.
Today’s forecast: Intermittent sighs and occassional hair pulling :hair:
(our secretary didn’t show up today and I have one attorney on vaction and the other at a labor department hearing–I’M STRESSED!!! :gah: )