Is Andean Silk & Andean Silk Twist dyeable?

Andean Silk & Andean Silk Twist in cream…

can i dye this? i like it but i need a pale pink for my nieces sweater projects…and i would love to beable to customize the sweaters as much as possible… thanks!

I think it depends on the dye process… Koolaid will dye animal products, but I’m not sure about silk (which is in that yarn).

Can you email KP?

Yes, it should take dye just fine. Both the alpaca and silk are protein fibers which can be dyed just like wool… ie: kool-aid, acid dyes etc.

thanks! i thoughtit would but i wasnt sure about the silk yay

[color=indigo]My experience is that silk takes the color better than wool does. I get very bright colors with silk vs the wool. I’m guessing you’ll get three different, yet the same, colors. Each may take up the dye a bit differently. It’ll be gorgeous, very unique! Be sure to share pics. I think dying blends is such a wonderful adventure![/color]

You might want to shoot KP an email to ask them. It seems like they’d offer it as one of their dyeable yarns if it were dyeable. KWIM?