Is a "row" a set of two rows (k and p) or just one (k or p)

I have started a new project. The directions say “Beginning with a p row, work in St st for 11 rows”. The row after that is a knit row. I do not understand what “row” is in this case. Is it a single p or k row or a set of two (kp). The answer to this question will determine if my section is twice as long as it should be. I am further confused by the fact that after these 11 “rows” I should do a knit row which would not make sense if a “row” is a set of two (of kp).

So is a “row” a single k or p or a set of kp?

The project by the way is the hippo in Sarah Keen’s awesome book “Knitted Wild Animals.”

Thanks for any help.

A row is literally one row. So for stockinette, a knit row is one row, a purl row is another row.

A row is one trip across the needle. So while stockinette takes 2 rows, other stitch patterns make take 8 or 10, but you just count each row as separate. So when a pattern says to knit 11 rows in pattern or in stockinette, or in garter stitch, you knit only 11 rows.