Is a giant cable feasible?

My middle DD who never was a craft person at all has now knitted a few scarves. She made some all garter stitch, and the last time I visited her (only see her once or twice a year) I suggested we design a scarf with a cable down the middle and I teach her to do a cable. She said okay. So we got the yarn and she made a basic scarf.

She loved the cable and is thinking she would like to make a scarf that is basically one big cable, is this possible? I’m talking a cable that is made of maybe 30 stitches, 15 you slip and work past and then go back to. I haven’t ever tried this and will have to unless someone can tell me is this is possible or not. :chair: Sounds :eyes: but I don’t want to discourage her interest in knitting. :lol:

That sounds kinda tough. How about a 3 strand braided cable? You’d only be crossing 10 sts. Or would you? :??

I’m knitting the Braided Hood pattern - - at the moment and the braid for it is basically one big cable (and my first cable project!). Maybe you can use that pattern and increase it. Would that work :??

to cable 30 stitches, but I’m not experienced enough to know if it’s possible or not.

I just finished this pattern and found it fun to work–complicated looking, but pretty easy to do.

I think if I wanted it to be one big cable, I’d probably consider actually knitting 2-3 skinny ones and braiding or twisting them together instead.
Here’s a pattern that does that for a headband.

I’ve seen lots of cables with higher stitch counts, like 12-18 stitches. They do look a bit odd, or at least different from the usual sizes you see, kind of gapy and flattened out. Not because they are knit badly, just be aware that they do look very different. I don’t see why a 30-st cable wouldn’t work, please do try it and let us know! If you want to see some big cables any stitch dictionary should have a couple, I know I saw some in my Harmony stitchionary.
Have you googled for pics of big cables?

Remember that in stocking stitch the cables will curl, you will need a border.

Thanks everyone!! These ideas are good. I printed out the Chunky Braided Scarf pattern to do some experimenting with. It looks like it really curls but maybe that is okay. She had her heart set one one big cable. Simple, simple and I don’t know if she’d go for this, but maybe. I think it is cool.

I’ll have to look through my Harmony guides. Like I said I know she just wants super simple, but maybe she would be willing to try something else if I could convince her it is simple. :slight_smile:

I was afraid it would be some sort of weird, gapy thing and would discourage her since this is her first attempt to come up with a creative idea on her own.

Thanks again. Anymore ideas are welcome! one largish cable in the middle

and I could swear I saw an enormous cable on a red cape/ capelet in a recent knitting magazine. it was at least 30 stitches across. I’ll go back and look at my stash…

oh! and go down to the twisty scarf pic on this page- one giant cable, in 2 colors. (I’m sure you could do just one).
it isn’t free, but might be what you need:
(5th pattern down)

They kind of look like each individual strand of the cable is flat, and where they cross, the wide say 15-stitch strand shrinks down and becomes very narrow where they cross. Remember if you find that a 30-stitch cable doesn’t look right but an 18-stitch cable does, you don’t have to have a scarf with 2 cables: you could use a really thick wool, or double-strand it on big needles, and do a thinner cable.

Yes! I saw one at a shop in San Francisco–one big cable; period. Maybe you can get the pattern from them. I think it was knit in a fat chunky yarn and looked awesome! Maybe you can adapt a pattern using the knit/purl idea for the cable from Silvers’ Palindrome scarf so that it will be reversible. YAY for your daughter! She is a designer in the making.

Thanks friends for these ideas and tips. I really appreciate all the help I have received on this question. You’re great.