Is $25.00 per class too much?

My snb buddies and I did a yarn crawl today and I found an AWESOME yarn store with a VERY COOL class…it’s an aran technique class. You come once a month and each month you learn a different technique and knit a square using it. It goes for 12 months and when you finish, you put the squares together for an heirloom blanket. They had samples of all 12 squares and it was absolutely beautiful!!! Then I found out it’s $25.00 per class (silly me, at first I thought it was $25.00 for all classes!!! I knew that sounded too good to be true…). I would really like to do it but it seems a little pricey. They don’t provide the materials and you have to purchase them at their store–they give you several yarn choices in the right weight/color. If I’ve done my math correctly, that’s $300.00 not including the yarn…

My thoughts were that it would be an awesome Christmas present for my parents. The shop owner said that near the end they “speed up” a little for those who want to finish a little early in time for Christmas.

OK, I get that it’s $25 for each class, but how long is the class? If it’s for the whole month, some people might not think it’s too bad. Personally, I wouldn’t pay that much for a class - especially if no materials are provided. I know I’m from a small town, but I’ve never heard of a class costing $300!!! Way back when I took my knitting class, it was $15 or $20, and that was for one night a week for 6 weeks. Materials weren’t provided, either, but we purchased them at a very good discount as a side perk for taking the class. These ladies will still, if you buy the yarn at their shop, let you come in and sit and knit and will help you with any problems you might have. I haven’t been able to take any of their other classes, but I know they are nowhere near the price you’re talking about, and I’m sure their service is every bit as good or better. I think you can find a better deal - if not at a store, from an experienced knitter who would teach you the same techniques for a lot better price.

You’re not near me, but at a store near me in Duluth this is what they do:

[I]Learn a variety of stitches and techniques while creating a unique Afghan a block at a time. Each quarter is $15, plus purchase of book and first skein of Cascade Yarn. Come the next month with completed block(s) get instructions for next block(s) get 15% off purchase of next skein. Miss a month & pay full price for skein to get back on track. Average cost of Cascade is $7/skein. Third Tues. 6P or Wed. 10A, start 1/15 or 1/16.[/I]

I hope this helps you … theirs is $15/quarter, as you can see …

Clarification–it’s $25.00 per class–the class is two hours long and it meets once a month. So you pay the $25.00 each month when you come to class.
I’ve thought about it a couple of ways. I don’t think it sounds like a lot if you look at it as you are getting a two-hour semi-private lesson for $25.00. It’s just that it would take 12 of those classes to complete the whole project I’d be working on (and a year!!!).
When you think of it as a $300.00+ afghan that takes a year to make–it seems like a lot. Especially when this knitting shop is 45 miles from my house.
Duluth actually isn’t that bad–it’s probably slightly closer than Kennesaw. I live in Stockbridge which is in Henry County–below Jonesboro but just above McDonough. I’m about 25 miles south of Turner Field. What is the name of the Duluth yarn store…I may actually look into that…Thanks for the info gal–by quarter–you mean each quarter of the afghan? So if I understand–it takes 4 months to complete? That might fit my adhd a little better LOL!


If they were asking for the $300 up front, I’d say it was too much. But $25 a month seems okay to me. I know most LYS charge around $100 for a month of classes (generally one a week) so it works out to around the same amount.

And with them charging you only once a month, and for the classes you attend, it seems you don’t get penalized for missing a class.

$25 a month doesn’t sound too bad. Do they help you if you need it during the month?

I think this is highway robbery. Some friends of mine take classes at an LYS in the next town, and this woman, whom everyone says is a wonderful and talented and very experienced teacher, charges each person $10 per lesson, which generally runs for 2 hours. They are usually month long classes, meeting once a week, so the entire class will be $40 plus materials which are $10 - 20, depending on the project. Asking for $300 to finish a project, and you have to buy the yarn from her?! An entire afghan’s worth?! Think of the 10 - 20 great knitting books you could buy for that! If you can do a cable stitch (FREE videos on this site!) and bobbles, that’s all you need to know. Ohhh, this really is getting my blood boiling. I personally would never do it, but if you have the money to spare and want to. . .

In defense of the teacher … If you break it down to a hourly rate of $12.50, it’s not that bad considering a lot of regular knitting lessons (at least those I’ve come across) are $10 per hour. And since this class is a more specialized/focused class, $2.50 bump is explained. With so much inflation going on, I don’t think that $12.50 per hour is an unreasonable wage.

Notwithstanding, I personally would not enroll in the class because (in addition to the fact that the fee is exclusive) I would perceive it as another bill to pay; and I have enough bills already. Now, if money weren’t an issue, would I still skip the class? Probably yes. Because I could take that same $25 to buy a book to learn the same techniques. And that’s $25 … period; not $25 per month. :wink:

Does the that fee include tea & crumpets or something?? Treats & stuff might make that $$$ pill a little easier to swallow. :mrgreen:

The prices vary somewhat at my LYS…I paid $60 for 5 two hour sock classes. They also have drop in time where you can pay $50 for 5 two hour sessions for knitting help regardless of what you are doing. There was another (now closed) LYS that charged much more. I don’t see $25 a month as highway robbery if you are doing something you really want to do, can afford it AND can get help if you need it for free other times of the month if necessary. It may be more than some places, but if you want to do it go for it! :thumbsup:

$25 per class: not a bad price. Hopefully they won’t have 40 people in the class, of varying skill levels! Ask about the number of students the class is “limited to”. It makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of instruction you’ll get. Sometimes they get greedy and will fit in as many knitters as have a checkbook!

A Fair-Isle/Intarsia workshop I enrolled in several years ago was way way way overbooked. The teacher spent a lot of her time showing some knitters very elementary things, such as casting on, for example. (the class size was not her fault…she was a guest instructor at the LYS). It just sucked up the class instruction time terribly. That class was very expensive, and I feel I got robbed. It really turned me off on classes for a long time. Can you tell it still peeves me? :eyes: That LYS is out of business now.

My current LYS recently lowered their classes to reflect $10 per hour. Still, paying for classes is hard for me to cough up, too.

But, your Aran Squares class sounds very interesting!!! :woot:

I took a Finishing Techniques class. Well worth the moolah.

IMHO any class that teaches ‘techniques’ is a class that keeps on giving and giving because you can carry the techniques over to so many other projects. It is a lifetime of skill.

Sometimes ya just have to bite the bullet and go for it! :thumbsup:

As you can see it really depends on the person, location and expectation. I see $25 a month as pretty expensive to get a pattern each month, especially if there is no yarn coming with it. Now if it were a pattern, yarn and instructions it may be a better price to me. But then I am familiar with Aran knitting so :shrug: If it were a totally new technique to me I might be a bit more inclined to pay $25 for a class.

I know here that basic knitting classes are around $25 an hour for semi-private instruction (anywhere from 1-12 students). JoAnn offers a class for about that much plus supplies each month. My “learn a sock in a day class” I charge $25 each for up to 5 people. That includes instructions, take home sheets, and a small lunch. Students have to provide their own needles and yarn (which I specify and it is fairly inexpensive - maybe another $10-$12). I haven’t taught a basic class yet to anyone other than our homeschool group (which I didn’t charge for).

It’s at theShare the Spirit shop in the little town of Duluth - not too far from I-85. I know exactly where you are - my brother and his family live in Stockbridge. Anyway, I think they mean $15/quarter year since it is a monthly project.


I think it would depend on your level of ability (can you figure the stitches out yourself), can you pick and choose the classes you attend, and how many in class.
I bought a booklet at Michaels that has patterns for 60 different Aran design blocks to make into an afghan choosing 24 of the designs. It cost 6.99, but I also have a couple of decades of knitting under my belt and feel capable of doing any pattern in the booklet without help.
In otherwords how much can you learn and how much is the knowledge worth to you?

I agree. $25.00 for a 2 hour class isn’t too bad. It’s a bit expensive but it is an advanced technique you are learning. I didn’t read the rest of the postd but I would also want to know how many were in the class. For that price it should be limited to 4 or 5. Too many in the class and you won’t get your “money’s worth”.

Thanks for the wealth of responses you guys! :hug:
I am experienced enough (and yes, I can cable–it’s my fav!!) to learn from a book but I find that motivation is my issue. I thought that paying for a class might be a good way to keep me interested–I’d meet new people, get some free time for myself, and I’d know that I was paying for it so I’d feel obligated to complete the project! I knit fairly fast so I was actually thinking that maybe I could complete two of the squares each month and then I’d have an afghan for my parents and in-laws by next Christmas w/o doing my usual wait until the last minute and then stress out for three weeks while I try to make Christmas presents!
I don’t know about highway robbery–$12.50 an hour is barely making it these days with cost of gas and inflation! The class is limited to 8 students per class for those who asked… I do have some Saturday obligations from time to time and when I asked, she said last year they had three groups of 8 running–each on a different Saturday of the month so if my Saturday came around and I couldn’t make it–if I’d let them know in advance they would allow me to make up the session with one of the other groups so I could still complete my afghan.
Honestly–I could do Aran knitting without help–I’m totally self taught and knit pretty darn well but I admit that the only time I’ve tried bobbles (granted–it was three years ago…) I wanted to pull my hair out and the lady trying to show me was totally not helpful!
I’m going to check out the yarn store in duluth that gal posted to see how their little knit sessions go. I’ll let you guys know what I decide!

Well, given what you’ve written, it looks like it would be a good fit for you. Post pictures of your progress if you go for it!

Well, you might look at it this way… now a days the insurance co pay for a “therapy” appointment can run from $20-50.00 depending on your insurance provider. I think getting together to knit with 7 other women for two hours once a month is the best therapy there is!!!

Depends on the women…I’ve met some who remind me of Elvira Gulch from the “Wizard Of Oz” and look like they’d just as soon stab you with their needles if you aren’t quite up to their speed, LOL!!! Of course, most of the people I’ve met through knitting are absolute dreams - but I have run across a couple of “biddies” out there.:teehee:

I to feel that is to much money!! Most people do visit the LYS and purchase their yarns from them sometimes spending over 150.00 for yarn just to make a sweater. I feel if you are taking a class at a LYS then the class fee should be 0 since you will be spending XX dollars on the yarn from that store. The LYS really need to think about repeat business with the purchases of the yarns and not concentrate on how much they can charge for a class. It is the yarn sales that will keep them in business.

If I sign up for a class and the class is free. I Would spend a little more on the yarn I use. Which would be a better trade off?

just my 2 cents worth.