Is 1050 grams of heavy 4 ply enough to make this Berrocco sweater?

I would like to make this sweater: in twisted rib. I have 4ply coned yarn that I bought on ebay. The yarn vendor listed it as “heavy 4 ply” but quite frankly all of the yarn that I have bought from them has been on the thin side. This yarn looks like a heavy lace or light fingering. It looks quite thin, I am going to soak it in Eucalan first to try to see its true thickness. Once I have dried it, I would like to knit it triple-stranded using a twisted rib stitch to make Avocet A. Is 1050 grams of this yarn enough considering that I am going to knit it triple stranded? Unfortunately, it the yardage is not given. I know that garter stitch - the original stitch given for this pattern, eats up a lot of yarn. What about twisted rib? Thanks in advance to those who respond with advice about this.

Here’s what I can tell you:

It’s called 4-ply because in the UK, that’s a fingering (weight 1) yarn. DK weight, which means Double Knit, which is 8 ply, in other words, double 4 ply, gets about 5 -6 sts per inch. This pattern wants 5 sts per inch. So if you use it doubled, it should be okay. This is all without seeing the yarn, of course, so there are a lot of variables.

First of all, it depends on what size you want to make. The smallest size takes 1700 yds and the largest takes 2800.

Let’s pretend what you have is a sock weight, a number 2 in the YCS scale, just to be on the safe side. You get 100 - 120 yds per oz which is roughly 28.5 grams. 1050 grams = about 37 oz. So at a minimum, you’re going to get 3700 yds. If you make the smaller sizes and only double the yarn, not treble it, you will have enough at 1850 yds.

But if it’s really more of a 1 weight, that’s 120 - 140 yds per oz, and so at the very maximum, you have 5180 yds, which used double give you almost 2600, and you could do the medium sizes with that.

Rather than try to convert that sweater to twisted rib or anything else, why not try to find something similar in stockinette st with a better yarn requirement?

By the way, I wouldn’t soak it to “bloom” it, first. The gauge is given without considering that, a pattern is figuring on the yarn without that.

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Twisted rib will use a lot of yarn too, not as much as garter, but more than stockinette. Generally, a 100g of fingering is about 400 some yards, so you may have about 4200 or more. If you triple it, that cuts it down to 1400-1500 yds so I’m not sure that’s going to be enough if you use the pattern [I]as written[/I]. You might try to find a similar pattern in stockinette and see how much it uses to figure how much you’d use if you knit the pattern in st st.

Personally I pay almost no attention to ply and go by yarn weight and yardage. It’s really more accurate considering other yarns can be considered 4 ply, too. Here’s an article on it.

Here’s a yardage estimator when buying yarn, but do always check the pattern if you have one in mind.

The best thing you can do for this pattern is to do a gauge swatch and see what size needle you’ll need. And maybe how much yardage it took.

Some yarns in some countries are sold by ply as weight though. So if that’s the only system you know then you use it. The OP is savvy enough to know that her 4 ply is a fingering weight, which really it is in the ply weight system. Lace is a 2 ply.