Irs_ ot-new update

They have to send in the forms to reprocess them I did have a refund from 2002… but can’t get it…i get the refund for 2003… but have to pay for 2004 & 2005. I’ll end up paying some… but the garnishment has been released. I’ll hear final outcome in 6-8 weeks. but at least I’ll have income to live… and I cn pay them off in about 3 months. thanks so much everyone!
I’m going to go fix a drink and not think!

Long story short- the tax preparer that had been doing it for 5 yrs… never FILED!!! I went to H & R block today and had them redo taxes… the irs will end up oweing me if all goes well tomorrow. I’ve redid my last 5 yrs… have the proof I thought was filed, and the cks that were canceled showing I had paid the “tax preparer” He was a “friend” yeah right. Anyway… I feel a bit better, but may have to pay penalties due to not filing. However, i shouldn’t have had to pay all these yrs that i did. So, I feel a bit better about tomorrow. good wishes help…

I’m going to go knit a scarf… to stay calm… big bear hugs…


Just asking for some positive thoughts from my “other” family.

Today I face the IRS… on my 2002 taxes…I did everything by the book, have all the papers… but they feel I owe a great deal.

Without going into detail… would all of you just send positive thoughts my way today & tomorrow… (may take 2 days)

I’ve very nervous to say the least…

Until this is solved, unable to fully relax & enjoy fact flying out to see new grandson, next week. Daughter is being so kind & understanding… I just want this to be over… and by tomorrow evening it will.

Thanks for reading…

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Best wishes!
I’m sorry, that’s very annoying. I can’t stand how long it takes for them to audit something (4 years?!) and I’m positive they do it just so they can rack up ridiculous interest charges on you.

I’ve got a friend who mistakenly forgot to report less than $1000 of income from another state when he was 19 because he didn’t know any better and didn’t have the appropriate forms sent to him. Took the state almost 5 years (!) to send him the audit bill or whatever. He owed like $20 or something teensy in taxes, but with five years of highway robbery interest tacked on the bill was several hundred dollars. For an honest mistake by a teenager.

Ridiculous. I hope all goes well.

:hug: I hate the word “audit”. Good luck to you and sending good vibes your way! :hug:

good luck! :hug:

Warm thoughts coming your way. Don’t let them intimdate you. The law works both ways. As long as you have not done anything wrong and you have your records - stand your ground.

it is the IRS’s responsiblity to prove your return is incorrect…
You don’t have to prove the return is correct!

In other words, your return is correct unless proven otherwise!

Good luck!


My DH and I have been audited twice by IRS, because we were both self-employed at the time. The first time took all day, but we owed not one extra cent. The 2nd time we had to pay $10.00 more. So there is hope. My thoughts are with you.

My prayers are with you. Fill your mind with fun, happy thoughts and know that everything is going to end positively.

Hugs and Kisses! :hug: :muah:

I’m sorry, but if your “friend” never filed, and cashed your payments to him, then he should be the one making any payments to the IRS. That’s crazy! I hope it works out for you!

If the IRS received the payment, even if you didn’t file, they generally don’t impose penalties as the penalties are mostly a % of what was owed. I think they “can” but generally don’t.

Glad it looks to be worked out and hopefully you will get a refund to take with you and use a little to enjoy your trip/spoil that new grandson! :heart:

Mama Bear

Since they owe me… there won’t be any interest penalty… just penalty for not filing perhaps… I find out tomorrow… thanks & hugs to all who have been so supportive… it really helps

bear hugs to all

Do we need to come looking for your “friend” with our sharpened DPNs at the ready?

Good luck to you, honey. I’m sure this is extra stressful at a time when you should be able to enjoy the new baby. :hug:

Sara, if I could find them dpn’s would be the least of his worry… He is on the federal warrent arrest… He did this to many important business in my previous small town. They traced his $ to the Caymen Islands… untouchable.

If i ever do find him… we’ll have a nice long talk…lol…

But the feds & state & local gove’s is after him… They have filed charges last week.