Irritated by Ravelry

Why, when I want to follow a link someone’s posted that leads to something within Ravelry, am I instantly confronted with the need to create an identity therein before I can read anything?
It’s the only site I know that doesn’t provide ‘guest’ access without any need to log in (unless you want to actually say/write anything).
Anyone know?

You have to join, yes, in order to use pattern search or anything. I rarely do anything at ravelry except look at patterns. I’ve not gotten spam because of joining there.

i’ve found a few sites like this, with ravelry it’s really worth the time to make an account

Hmm … a few, eh? - me, no others. Well, not counting the commercial sites, of course; but that’s a horse of a different colour.
Looks like Ravelry must place itself in the commercial ranks.

Maybe I misunderstood you but, Ravelry usually does let you look at the pattern page, from a link, as a guest.

If you want to navigate further into Ravelry, say look at projects made from that pattern, then yes, you have to join.

But, joining is free and, as far as I am aware I have never gotten spam via them so it is quit worth joining to have access to all those patterns, projects, yarn database, notes, pictures etc.

I will say that the forum seems to be better here. Quicker responses, easier to search, not broken up in its layout. IMO.

That’s me! I like KnittingHelp’s forum just fine…seems more “close-knit”!

KG :wink:

I’ve been a Ravelry member, and found that what I’d initially thought was useful - creating records in lists and stuff - I fairly rapidly forgot all about.
And the forums, as has already been stated, are definitely inferior.
Imnsho, I suppose I must add.

Knitting Help is unique as far as I can tell. It’s devoted to knitting help. The crochet forum gets used but not as much. I think Sheldon said they are going to work on developing the crochet forum more and having a crochet pattern directory too. I expect there will also be crochet videos. One thing I noticed at one of the main forums is that crochet and knitting are all lumped together and you might think a question is about knitting and find as you read that it’s about crochet. That’s IMO not helpful and is inconvenient. I hope that the two stay separated here; crochet is good and I’ve done a lot of it and if I need or can give help I want to have a place to go that’s for crochet. We can stray off topic here without getting our virtual wrists slapped and I like that. Camaraderie among members is nice. The size of ravelry alone is off putting to me.

So is Amy still around? - or has she, once having got all this underway, moved on to Something Else?
I don’t see her name around, contemporaneously speaking …

Amy doesn’t post often. She was around at Easter and has posted occasionally since and has been doing videos which involves Sheldon also I think. Sheldon posts when the spirit moves him or he has news for us. With the web site, two kids, and whatever else they have going, I think they’re pretty busy.

That annoys me too about Ravelry or probably the fact that people assume everyone is a member of that site and can see photos of their completed projects there. I am not a member of Ravelry and have no real desire to join.


I’m a member but primarily for patterns etc. I look up yarns, too. It’s a great avenue for acquiring destash yarns, too.

What bothers me is the fact nothing is done about bullies/vicious people and disagree button harassers. Be wise - do not post anything personal (my friend received harassment ie: her address etc.)

Anyone can see any forum post you make. Lay low.

Amy is still around, as am I. We had a daughter 4 years ago, and a son 3 months ago, so time is a bit more scarce than it used to be. I work on full time, and then some. Between managing our server, coding, running the store, social media, editing videos, etc., I probably put in at least 60 hours a week. Amy has her days each week where she works on new things, such as planning and shooting videos, and doing research. We’re a good team and we balance out each other well.

We both tend to be reserved and avoid the spotlight. So neither of us are very outgoing on the KH forum or any community website for that matter. We do love the community that has flourished at KH and recognize that it is unique. We’re really grateful for everyone who participates and contributes to the discussion here.

Knitting Help is by far the best for quick help and comraderie. Amy and Sheldon have been adding patterns to the free pattern section regularly and there are a whole lot of them now.

Here is why I love Ravelry for different reasons and besides KH is by far the visited and valuable site I’ve come across. I use it not only for pattern searches, but seeing how others used patterns…what yarn, weights, how certain colorways look, if there were problems or errata, and modifications. I can search patterns using the filters… like only V-neck raglans in fingering weight for children, or stuffed vegetables for instance. I also look up yarn and see if it’s discontinued or if others thought it was splitty, or soft, etc.

I use my own page to keep track of my projects. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back to look to see if what yarn or needle size I used or how I did something. It’s been invaluable.

I do use the forums occasionally, but I avoid the controversial ones. I’m not sure why anyone complains about that because it’s easy enough to avoid. I belong to several, but really only view a few and participate in a few… I post primarily to a low carb group, a Survivor TV show group, and a local yarn store.

Now I know your question is WHY can’t you just view patterns. I believe that ability is fairly new and not everyone allows it for whatever reason. I have a few patterns, but I have no idea if they are viewable. See if you can view these links. If not I’ll see if I can figure out what you need to do to making them viewable.

I set up a yahoo email just for this type of thing. It’s the one I use when I need to join a forum or website. That way I don’t need to use my personal email. I don’t know of any spam that I’ve gotten can be traceable to Ravelry. The more you are online the more chance it can happen from anywhere. It’s just an annoying fact of life. Fortunately Yahoo is pretty good at catching it before I even see it.

Jan, I didn’t know you’d written patterns! Thanks for the links, I didn’t have to sign in to see and d/l. I’m not much for Christmas stuff but I think I have some orange yarn to make a pumpkin. :slight_smile:

I :heart: the pumpkins!!

KG :wink:

I turned my disagree button off ages ago, as soon as I found out how. If I disagree with somebody I’ll tell them why, and that way I don’t accidentally hit “disagree” when I’m surfing on the iPod. The bigger benefit is that I can’t see others’ disagrees on my posts, which suits me fine.

I got flamed in one forum for mentioning that a fast food place messed up and made DH’s burger with everything. There’s a whole lot of screaming and hair-trigger assumptions, but that’s just the world now.

All true. All useful. All interesting - I might say especially from Sheldon, since, being a newbie, I was unaware of the b.g. You guys rock!

Knitting Help is by far the best for quick help and comraderie. Amy and Sheldon have been adding patterns to the free pattern section regularly and there are a whole lot of them now.

KH is the best for reliable, useful help in large part because of quick responses. If something’s not clear, it gets clarified, additional questions are also quickly addressed. I’m sure I’m not the only one knitting today because I got fast, useful, friendly help here. I might feel a little silly asking some questions because I think I should know the answers already but never, ever has anyone responded in such a way to reinforce that feeling. Rudeness is rare.

But in your case, it’s only because we’re all nervous of yer.