Irrational clapotis fear

While I loooove the look of Clapotis, I seem to have this fear of actually knitting one. Each time I look over the pattern I shudder. It just seems like so much counting, keeping track of rows, switching back n forth between stitches… etc etc. Am I being a chicken sh*t for no reason?? :teehee:

I prefer patterns where I don’t have to keep refering to pattern. Or if I do need to, I don’t have to do it it multiple times during a row.

Maybe it’s just God’s way of telling me not to cast on yet another project! :rofl:

It’s a pretty easy pattern to learn, especially if you can read your knitting. It’s actually easy to keep track of your rows, you just figure how many sts you do before the ktbl twisted one. I didn’t use markers or purl the drop stitches, and the first couple ones I did, had to keep track or my twisted stitches were in the wrong column.

Why don’t you take some leftover yarn and do a practice piece? Maybe do only 2 increases so you can get to the drop stitch section faster. That’s where you really learn the pattern because it goes on and on and on forever. :smiley:


:doh: Now why didn’t I think of that??

OK, so… I “give”

what is Clapotis :pout:

It is a wrap/scarf - the pattern is here.

AHHHHHHH, that is …interesting!!!


Oh, I had such fun knitting my Clappie :cheering: But, I was like you and was scared before I started, then when I started I realized I was scared for no reason :wink:

I’m right there with you – I love the look of the finished product but oh my! The instructions :zombie: However, once I get over my SCS (second clog syndrome) I should be fine and might even try it.


I am so in love with that now! I will have to save it for later when I have the time/experience to not faint when I’m trying to work through the pattern.

What type of yarn is everyone knitting it with? The type suggested in the pattern is completely out of my budget :pout:

This pattern can be knit in darn near anything - fuzzier yarns have a harder time dropping, but some people have used them too. For a low cost one, Caron’s Simply Soft is great, in spite of the solid colors. Paton’s SWS (or Decor) would give you long color changes, as would Rowan’s Tapestry.


I saw some really pretty ones done in KP Shimmer, double stranded. I was tempted to give that a try. But I’m waiting for a bag of Silk Garden to come so I can start a Lady E… so I better hold off. :teehee: