Irish hiking scarf

I would love to try the irish hiking scarf… what yarn would be best for this? thx

Hi Pat,

The beauty of the IHS is that you can use just about any yarn that you want. If you look on the IHS knitalong website there is a list of the yarns that people have used. You could also search back through the blogs for actual photo examples.

Personally I used Malabrigo chunky and I think it’s devine:yay: It’s so soft and warm and the colour is great. I used 4 skeins to complete mine with size 7mm (metric - US closest equivelent 10.5) needles. I’m a loose knitter, but I wouldn’t go any bigger with the needles with that wool.

Good luck with your decision - I loved doing it so much I want to do another one!


Thanks, I have been reading about the malabrigo yarn on this website, but have never seen it “up close” .can you get it on line cheaper? .what color did you use? I would love to see a picture of it… 10.5 is my favorite needle size, I am a loose knitter as well… thx for the info

I used Lane Bourgosesia Merinos Otto, which is a worsted weight merino, on size 9s. It is about 5.5 inches wide and has a wonderful, scrunchy texture. A really fun knit and a beautiful scarf.

I used RYC Cashsoft, which worked great. Good luck on your scarf!!