Irish Hiking Scarf

Hello All,

I was perusing the patterns on this site and came across the Irish Hiking Scarf. Here is the pattern for it:

Has anyone completed this scarf? Does it lie flat when you are done or does it have a tendancy to curl? Any loves or hates or generaly nuances about the scarf? Just wondering before I try something new.

Any comments/etc welcome. :muah:

Has anyone completed this scarf?

Uh, yeah. :teehee: A LOT of people use this for their first cable project. I haven’t personally made it, but I don’t believe it curls. Do a forum search for it in the What’cha Knittin’ forum and you’ll see a lot of them

Ok thanks for the info.

I’ve made the Irish Hiking Scarf, and love that pattern! It does lay flat – no curling problems.

ok this might sound stupid but I would like to make one aswell…

question: do you turn over your work for ws and rs… or is it just the direction you are going?

I started knitting last year and the Irish Hiking Scarf was my very first cable project (really one of the very first things I knitted!). I learned so much making it and am now halfway through my second one! :slight_smile:

Seemed like very slow going when I was making the first one, now things are moving very fast since I now know how to hold the yarn right, etc.

Even though the IHS was one of my first projects, it came out beautiful!

Have fun with it and good luck…your friends will be impressed (“OOOOoo…it’s SO intricate”, I heard that today), but it’s really pretty simple…I love it!:heart:


Bio -

You would turn over your work for ws and rs. I am working on my first project (different cable scarf pattern from Lion Brands that I would not recommend - it is easy but folds on itself - what a pain) and I have learned that so far (yay). That is the hard thing for me to get accustomed to for knitting since I have been a crocheter for such a long time (10+ years).

Is this the Reversible Cable Scarf? It’s pretty, but wondered if it would be a pain…I was hoping to try it soon…maybe I shouldn’t!:shrug:



I would love to try the irish hiking scarf…what would be the best yarn to use? thanks…

Martha - no it is not the reversible cable scarf, it is simply a cable scarf. Here is the pattern:

It is a very lovely pattern - it looks great and is easy - but it seriously folds over onto itself. Very annoying and I must admit that I am a bit off’d by the whole thing. Oh well. I will be posting a picture or two of it on my blog tonight.

I’ve used that yarn for a scarf, with either 11 or 13 needles. You might not have the folding over problem with a larger needle. Some patterns just don’t need to be densely knit.

I just started knitting it on Saturday, [SIZE=1](I should have been working on that baby blanket… but…) [SIZE=2]I had never cabled before, and always thought it really complicated. Totally not. The first couple times you have to twist can be a bit akward, getting used to the technique, but still not difficult. The pattern is amazingly simple to memorize. I read it once and was set.

I am using Knit Picks Shine Sport, since I have a ton of that on hand and it’s knitting up beautifully and soft. But I would recommend worsted weight yarn, as that would knit up a lot faster. Anything heavier would hide the cables I imagine. [/SIZE][/SIZE]

I made a scarf that looks very similar to the Irish Hiking Scarf, but is completely reversible. It looks exactly the same on the front and back… Palindrome