Irish Hiking Scarf

Yesterday I finished my first Irish Hiking Scarf, I started a blue one, but had to put it away because it was way to tight… still sitting to be :frog:

You an see the pictures in my blog… :wink:

Great job! Really lovely.

Mama Bear

OMGosh, that is soooo pretty! What a gorgeous color! I so want to make that… Alas it will have to wait-I already have so many projects going, LOL.

Great job!

Tha’t beautiful.

I wish I could reach out and touch it! It’s wonderful!

Thank you!!

It is really soft… :slight_smile: I will start a second one tonight…

Beautiful! I love the color too! :inlove:

It’s gorgeous :cheering: :cheering:

I like it! :thumbsup: I started knitting that pattern with Plymouth Encore, but I wasn’t diggin’ the way it was coming out so I frogged it.

It looks so pretty! I love your choice of color.

Very pretty! :heart:

very pretty! nice job