Irish Hiking Scarf?

OK - I’ve been loving this scarf for awhile. I went out and found the grey color I’ve been wanting in the Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky. My question - I notice the pattern calls for size 8 needles & worsted weight yarn - I dont think this will look right with the bulky weight yarn - it would be too wide - has anyone ever made it with chunky yarn?

Do you think I could take out that 3rd cable and only have 2 cables going up the scarf? I’m not good at making designs on my own - I know some of you are great at it - I’m calling on your help! :notworthy:

Thanks all!

I’m using the Misti Alpaca Chunky to make it. It is just scrumptous to feel. :heart: I’m also using a size 9 needle. The 8 was too small and the 10 was too big, for me that is…

I don’t see why you couldn’t just have the 2 cables, but don’t ask me how to do it, I’m not that brave yet… :teehee:

To make it with just two cables, keep the ends the same and the p2, k2, p2 (RS) in the middle. I think it’ll be lovely.

I’ve made one in worsted wool on 10’s and a six row cross and I like it really well. Works up faster and looks about the same.