Irish Hiking Scarf and Caron Simply Soft Socks

Both of these projects have finally been completed. I guess this just goes to show how different my taste can be. :teehee:

I love them, the socks and the scarf. The socks colors are quite crazy, but they look very warm :slight_smile: and the scarf is in a beautiful color and looks great :thumbsup:

Gorgeous! Your cables are soooooo even on that scarf–amazing!! :inlove:

oooh :inlove: luv the scarf. is the yarn u used for the socks the same as what u were going to make the scarf with b4?

I love that color for the Irish Hiking Scarf… I think it is the color that shows the cables the most! :slight_smile:

Love it love it love!!!

The scarf color is beautiful!

I think the socks are fantastic!

I love both! The scarf looks yummmmyyyy :slight_smile:

Both are amaizing
I just bought my first balls of yarn all year
and I only got enough to make 2 pair of socks
that was all

aren’t you PROUD OF ME???


What size knitting needles did you use on your socks? I just started a pair of socks using Caron Simply Soft and its my first time using it. It feels kind of stiff and seems like it might be uncomfortable for socks. How does yours feel?

Sideout: This is a very old post, so I doubt you’ll get an answer from the OP. However, perhaps some other sock maker using similar yarn can answer your question.

That seems odd to me, I always find Caron Simply Soft to be very soft. I’ve never used it for socks but find anything I croched with it to be slithery and the scarf OTN is very soft also.

Both are very nice. Love the colors

The question is what size needles have you been using? For worsted weight yarn you’d need to use probably a 5 or so for them to be tight enough not to get holes too quickly. That depends on how you knit of course. If you’re a tight knitter you may want to go up a size or two.

Beautiful work! Love the colors! Reminds me of Spring, just around the corner!