Irish Clan Name Aran knit

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This was a long time ago but I am having the same problems with this pattern. Also, there are not enough stitches to follow the pattern so clearly it has not been tested out before it was printed and then sold off. I contacted the website and got no help. Hopefully, I can manage with some help on here :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry that you’re having problems with this pattern, too. You can quote a few rows that are causing the problem if you’d like. Don’t give us the whole pattern or large portions of it due to designer copyright.
Is it also the O’Neill clan pattern?

No, different surname but seems a similar problem. it is quite a difficult pattern but I think I am working it out. I am doing a test one - for the 16 rows that make up the repetition, then will start on my good wool if it works ok. The other problem was to work out what size to do, so I went with the smallest but it still seems massive. Thanks for answering - I reckon I will have questions as I go along. I would post it here but I can’t see where to add attachements.

If you look at this website, you will see the pictures at least

Working out the pattern on a small sample is a great idea. It’ll all go easier once you have done that so it’s worth the time.
You can post photos directly if you go to the landscape icon in the center of the upper bar of the Reply box. Then follow the directions to choose a photo to upload.
It’s really a shame that there are complaints about these patterns. The results look so gorgeous. Keep us posted on your progress.
Thank you for the link to the pattern site.