Iris Afghan

I found a beautiful, but easy afghan pattern to knit for my SO’s father. I’ve got the yarn on its way to me, but the pattern doesn’t mention how large the finished product is. Has anyone here knitted this afghan and can tell me how large yours turned out? Thanks!! :knitting:

I love that afghan! I think I might make one for my Mom.
You might want to try emailing the Daily Knitter Editor
the address is . I had a question about a pattern error and she was extremely helpful.

Thanks for your help. I’ve just emailed her now! :cheering:

It looks…if you compare against the single seat size of the chair…more like a lap rug or over the knees style rug. Imaging can be deceiving of course but that would be my impression of the sizing.

I did some quick math, and if you use the suggested yarn and follow the pattern’s specifics you should get an afghan around 40-45inches wide and 50-55 inches long (this depending on the needle size, as the yarn suggested said to use US12, but the pattern says US15)

But you can always do more repeats of the pattern to make it longer and wider.

Thanks for your help, Krystal. Don’t know why I didn’t think to do that earlier. :??