iPod....what is the site you download books from?

I’m trying very hard to get into total escape mode and someone mentioned that if you have an iPod, you can download books from a site and I cannot remember the name…

Depression >>> buying. And I need to buy.

Thanks in advance.

I just downloaded mine from iTunes.

Someone on ravelry just mentioned audible.com
as a good site to consider for audiobooks.

I use audible.com. You can download from iTunes but if you join audible, then you can get them a little cheaper.


Ahhhh… too cool… I got a video/mp3 player (not an i-pod, but that’s ok) for Christmas as well… because I said I wanted to listen to stuff while I knitted…

and thanks for this info to know what to do with it… BUT I have some qeustions… I went to the sites mentioned and couldn’t find the answers easily (being lazy, sorry), but do I own these audios once I pay for them? It’s just the “monthly” thing… and the way they did/do (?) some music downloads where they “expire” after a certain time…

Thanks for any help… And [I][B]yes[/B][/I]… to figure out how the dang thing works!!! :rofl:

I would suggest going through the itunes store because it’s easiest, but they get their books from Audible.com

If you want to look for classics, there is a website that does audiobooks from books that are now in the public domain for free