IPOD sock

I needed to make a holder for my IPOD because I didn’t have one and I was always dropping it. I knit one from a pattern, and I didn’t exactly follow directions (bad me!) and it turned out way too big. So I decided to knit my own, based on a toe up sock.
It’s knit in the round with the magic cast on (which I learned just for this). It’s a 4 stitch cable every 4 rows, with a SSK, double YO, K2TOG every 2 rows. At the top, I knit a 2x2 rib. I left some stitches on for the I-cord and knit the I cord to the length I wanted it. I then Kitchener-ed the last stitches together to create a completely seamless piece.
It’s knit with Panda Cotton on size 2 needles.

very cute idea! It looks great

Now that is way cool. (man that sounded so Jr. High’ish, 80’s style) :oops:

What size iPod is it?


It’s a Nano. I used 32 stitches on a size 2 needle, and it fits snugly.