Ipod sock pattern-need help

Hey guys–I want to knit an ipod sock and I found this pattern:


I like the pocket on the front so I’m kind of interested in trying to follow her pattern but I have two questions:

  1. it says to knit with double knitting wool–whatheheck? does she mean to knit with two strands or is that a specific type of wool I don’t know about?

  2. does anyone else have a good ipod sock pattern they’d like to share? The easier the better–I want something I can do quick (my sil leaves in a few days and one is for her) but I want it to look nice and finished too.


I believe that double knitting wool is an English term for worsted weight yarn. It can be confusing when looking at UK/Aussie patterns. Other differences are tension = gauge, yarn over hook = yarn over, 4 ply = Sportweight etc. I don’t know any other ipod patterns though, sorry. Oh! and the 3mm needles would actually be size 2 or 3 US (there isn’t an exact US equivalent). I think that this would make a great gift for your sil. Good luck

Correction. I just googled the weights and another site (knittingand.com) states that double knit is sportsweight, which would make more sense with those needle sizes.

I just knitted a few of those, they came out rather cute and weren’t too difficult. And I’m a beginner. I used sport weight yarn…on one i forgot to change to the smaller needles at the end and it still looked fine. Also, I knitted in an initial on the front of each one to practice changing colors and goofed so that on one sock the pocket is “hidden” on the inside by accident. Still looks cute!

Go for it, hope they turn out great.

thanks for the info–I’m using worsted weight yarn but didn’t gauge it–I’m also using size 5 needles (b/c it was the smalles I had–I bought 3s today though) and I only casted on 36 stitches. Don’t ask why–there really isn’t a reason why other than it seemed logical to make those choices when I started. So far–it looks good but I think it’s going to be too big. I’m also concerned about some of the lingo–I’m not great at following patterns yet as I am a beginner and I don’t know all of the abbreviations. It sounds simple but I’ve never transfered stitches to another needle or knitted half a ro, then casted off and purled all on the same row so I think my mind is having a hard time wrapping around all of that. I guess I’ll give it a try soon–when I finish my ipod sock experiement…thanks for all of the input!

DK yarn or double knitting yarn is slightly different than sport weight, I believe it is a little thicker. I’m unsure, but I had the same question before. Good luck on the socks!