iPod Cover Pattern

[color=indigo]I came across THIS great pattern for an iPod cover on a UK knitting site. The site has many other interesting things.


:teehee: That’s adorable!

[color=indigo]I would love to have one for my iPod, but the pattern looks a bit intimidating.


I’m sure that if you take it one line at a time you’ll be just fine. It mainly looks like a lot of cabling. It shouldn’t be too hard.

It’s tiny–you could get it done so quickly!

that is tooo adorable! i suddenly feel that my iPod needs a hot pink sweater vest. i’m adding it to the stashbuster page.

its too bad i dont have any 2mm needles though :pout: (what size is that anyway?). i know i have a pair of size 2’s (2.75mm). needles that small are a pain to work with, though. especially since they’re being used with worsted weight yarn! :whoosh:

That’s darling Landolphe! (unfortunately I don’t own an Ipod and I don’t want one) but I also like the hat pattern and I needed a headband pattern. Thanks!

A size 2mm according to my needle sizer here is 0. Yup, zero.