Invitation for a KAL for the Hemlock Ring

Sure hope you’ll both join in. It’s not a difficult pattern and works up fairly quickly.

Hi Mary, oh I think I will be joining!

I’ve a baby jacket OTN - nearly done (I hope!) and a throw for the baby’s mum… baby can’t have all the pressies now can it?!!

But after that, I think I have some wool ready and waiting for this pattern!

WONDERFUL!!! Glad to have you and you’ll just love how the pattern works up! I’m at work alone (kinda like “Home Alone”) this morning and sneaking in a few rows while waiting for the Monday rush…hehehe

I’m reporting you to the family police. HAHAHA
Just got all my needles! YAY. Now waiting for my yarn (BOO), hopefully I’ll be getting it in the next few days and I’ll be ready to go. And thanks for the heads up Mary, I will be getting some cotton yarn and doing lifelines as you mentioned. Can you just keep them in until you are finished and just pull them out all at once?
And welcome all to the group. I would join the yahoo group to get the charts etc. But I have noticed it’s not as hands on as here and you can get your questions answered a lot quicker.
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not a chart reader, so I wished that someone would have written out the chart in long form. Maybe someone did and I should look at the forum once again.
Cheers all…

SHHHHH! The boss stayed gone until about 4pm, so I got to round 56!!! Neener Neener!

You can leave your lifelines in til you’re done, if ya want!

I’m not a chart reader, either! Now, I’m questioning whether the chart is different and I don’t think it is. If I recall, in his blog page about the pattern, he states that the chart was done for the benefit of chart readers and you actually need to refer to the written pattern as you’re reading the chart. I sat down and compared them and they appear to be the same thing. The chart is for the entire stitch pattern and he states that you’ll start each increase row in the center of his chart. He also stated that the chart will help anyone wanting to make their Hemlock Ring larger by showing how the stitch pattern tier continues. I will either have to get used to the chart or write mine out because I’m planning on making this into a table cloth and will need at least 60" in diameter.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what I interpreted. Hmmm, might pay to ask the man, ya reckon? LOL! Oh where, oh where can our DUSTINAC be, oh where, oh where can she be???

I did email Jared and asked for this direct answers on this…yes, I know there’s a Yahoo KAL, but wanted an answer from “THE MAN”!

Okay, haven’t received an answer yet but did find this:

[B]\ [/B] means- SSK (slip, slip, K2tog), left slanting decrease: Insert your R needle into 1 stitch on the left needle, as if to knit. Slip it from the L needle onto the R needle (this is called slipping knitwise). Slip a second stitch knitwise. Pass your left needle back through these two stitches, so that the L needle is in front of the R needle. You will note that your R needle is now positioned as if to knit through the back loops. Wrap yarn as usual around R needle, pull through both stitches, and drop both old stitches from the L needle.
[B]Alternate - easier to understand, takes longer to do, looks exactly the same: S1 K1 PSSO [/B]

and the chart shows ssk where written instruction shows the S1, K1 PSSO. So there’s a difference but not really, as shown in the “Alternate” explanation. It’s probably just a matter of preference.

if you are on ravelry it would also pay you to look up hemlock on there. there are about 70 or so pages of people who have done this pattern some have some good advice and not to does. and you can see all the different type of yarn people are using. very good. not really supposed to get involved in another KAL but I am very tempted by this one.

I am not sure but I think the way you do the decreases depends on which way the finished stitch is supposed to lean to. is that right. I think that is why on most lace patterns one side is ssk and the other is k2tog. I am guessing that as long as you keep to doing the decreases the same way throughout it will look OK.

I have not really done a lot of lace but have tried to figure out the charts because there are a few that I would like to do. and it seems to me that all the symbols are the same what ever pattern you use. most of the patterns that I have seen have the instructions written out long and also provide a chart with an explanation of the symbols so you could look at any chart and then translate the hemlock chart that way

I did receive a reply from Jared and am correct:

“Yes, the chart just visually represents what goes on in the written instructions, although it continues increasing in the Feather and Fan pattern beyond where the written pattern ends. If you want to make something 60 inches in diameter, you will need to extend the pattern beyond the limits of what is written out.”

SO KNIT ON, dear KAL partners!

I am sooooooooo jealous! You are 3/4 done. I’ll catch up, calling in sick to work, I’ll have my protien bars next to me, all three versions of Lord of the Rings. LOL
You are so great, asking the “Man”. He does some amazining things and so talented. One of these days. LOL

That’s great M, and thanks for asking the “Man”! You are so great! Okay, sounds good about the written pattern. So, you just need to continue from row 86 and start the increase. And I think that is what I am going to do too.
That yarn better get here soon! grrrrrr…

OH…maybe since I am NOT doing anything with this pattern, I may just write out the chart and maybe M, you can double check it for me? heheh

What do you all prefer? SSK or S1 K1 PSSO. I have done both, but what’s the actual difference?

Here is a tip from one of the groups. And I think Mary you had this same problem and figured it out for yourself. :slight_smile:
[FONT=Georgia]IMPORTANT - Row 35 ends with a K1 - leave off YO K1 YO[/FONT]

Here is a PDF that I created with the corrections on row 35.
It was originally written by [COLOR=#247cd4]hudcathy[/COLOR].
It’s more of an updated version of the original Hemlock Doily pattern, and I think it’s easier to read.
So, check this pattern out as well…

Okay, so after looking at this pattern, Mary and I decided that it may not be the pattern that we want to do. It’s broken out differently.
Mary and I (Gino) will be reworking the charts and written instructions and come up with the best one possible. I am trying to write out the charted pattern from row/rnd 87 to row/rnd 121. And with the help from Mary, we’ll get it up soon!
I hope to get my yarn in a few days! YAY…
and my new needles are getting restless!
If you are starting, round 35 should read like this…
[COLOR=black][FONT=Eurostile]Rnd 35: yo, k 1, yo, *sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, yo, k 4, yo, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (yo, k 1) twice, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (k 1, yo) twice. Repeat from * around, ending with k1. [/FONT][/COLOR]

I am using the chart that the Yahoo group send to you when you join their group and have had no problems with it at all.
line 35 goes like this you have 34 stitches on your needle.
0, K1, 0, sl1, k2tog, psso, 0, k4, 0, sl1, k2tog, psso, (0,k1) twice, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1, you have then used 17 stitches of the 34. then you repeat the process one more time to use the last 17 stitches. I have done up to row 37 and it looks good so far.

Sounds good! I’m using the original pattern and Brooklyn Tweeds chart. It really depends on whether you’re going to finish your piece at round 87 or continue on.

The chart is expanded and goes to round 112.

Okay All you KAL Peeps!
After a LONG LONG conversation today with Mary, we have found out that there are a lot of variations of Jared’s original pattern and if you look closely at a lot of them, they do look differnt than his pattern.
Mary and I are going to follow his pattern and try and come up with a written pattern that follows his original design.
But if you are starting or about to start, go ahead and get them on the needles.
The pattern really doesn’t change until the 87th row. And hopefully by that time, we’ll have some stuff written out for all of you!
Thanks All…
Also, we’ve both found out that the Yahoo Group is not so responsive even with over a thousand members. So, I think that if you are wanting to knit this… It’s better to do it here where you’ll get the help you need.

When I look at Jared’s chart it only goes to row 70 so when you talk of row 87 do you mean 46 rows from the original doily plus row 41 from Jared’s chart = 87th row.
Did I write that correctly so it makes sense? The 46 rows plus the 70 rows make 116 in total. some people have expanded beyond that and knitted a 120 plus rounds is there a chart for that or is that what you and Mary are working on?
would love for mine to be at least 60 inches across.