Invitation for a KAL for the Hemlock Ring

[COLOR=sienna]I have attatched the written out and extended version of this pattern that Mary worked on and I wrote it out line by line. PLEASE download this pattern if you like written instructions and it follows Jared’s original design! [/COLOR]
[COLOR=sienna]Please look for post #239 that is where the pdf file is.[/COLOR]
Hi All,
Wanted to send out an invite to all of you knitters out there that may want to KAL with a few of us. Below are some links for the patterns and finished product. There has been some interest by some of you on a few of the other forums.
I am not an advanced knitter by far, more on the beginner/intermediate. So, I think that if there are any advanced beginners out there and have knitted a feather and fan lace scarf or the sort, now is you chance to step up to the plate and “DO IT” :smiley: I think that I am up for the challenge and there have been some great advanced knitters who are willing to help us novices. Thanks M… :smiley:
Also, if anyone is interested, the yarn that was used is Cascade Ecological Wool. is having a HUGE sale on quite a few yarns from different vendors. And the eco wool is on sale. Regularly 15.00 per 478 yd hank on sale now for 10.49. They have a pretty good assortment of colors.
So I think that it’s fate, someone wants me to knit this. LOL
So, let us know if you’d like to join our KAL and soon we’ll have a great piece to show off to everyone.
[COLOR=#e88787]…g-blanket.html[/COLOR] (finished product)
[COLOR=#e88787]…mlockRing.html[/COLOR] (original doily pattern)
Cheers All!

I’m in on this one!

Cool Mary and thanks for all of your help so far. I haven’t started yet, but I will be posting some progressive photos on here to show everyone that even “I” the advanced beginner can do this. Which means pretty much EVERYONE can do this. LOL
Wish me luch peoples and we need more fellow knitters too!
I want the KAL to look like this… :thumbsup:

:knitting: :guyknitting: :knitting: :guyknitting: :knitting: :guyknitting: :guyknitting: :knitting: :guyknitting:
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

It is a beautiful blanket, I am not sure I can start another project just yet. have joined the yahoo group though and got the pattern. will definitely be on my to do list.

Am I right in thinking you have to follow the original pattern until you hit row 47 and then follow the additional chart of fan and feathers.

Have read a few of the post on the yahoo group and it seems to be a relative quick knit, some people got it done in a month or two which I think is pretty fast.

Will be keeping an eye on this KAL, hope to see lots of pictures.

Hi Karina,
Yes, you are correct, you need to follow the written directions from the original pattern and then move onto the chart. So you don’t finish the written pattern and then go to the chart.
Yes, can’t wait to get my supplies and start. Hopefully by this weekend. I did a sample to see if I could actually do the DPN’s and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
Good luck and will be posting as I start to do it.

So I decided to try out a few rows on my first try on DPN’s. I just decided to try it out on some yarn that I had.
I made it through 35 rows with no problems and it looks pretty good. I decided to stop since it’s not the yarn that I wanted to make this in.
I am not receiving my yarn till mid next week and can’t wait to start.
Will be posting more pics in the actual yarn, once I get them on my needles. And try to do pics as I am knitting. I am not the best knitter and maybe Mary will post some of her pics on here. (since I am sure that she knits WAAAAAAAAAY better than myself)
Cheers and have a great weekend all!
I had to do a few different posts to put them up since there is an upload limit.

one more pic…

Alright count me in! I have my yarn & am finishing off my baby blanket so I’m ready when you are. :thumbsup:

looks pretty good. Seems a shame to just rip it out. could you not just make it into a cushion cover or something. Are you using the Eco wool, is that equivalent to UK aran or chunky?

I’m in. I just ordered the yarn a few days ago, so it should be here soon. I’ve got lots of birthdays coming and will be knitting other projects along with this one, but slow and steady wins the race right? :teehee: Looking forward to getting started!

That’s great and welcome to our little KAL. I’ll be ready next week to actually start, but by all means please start without me. :slight_smile: And I am sure we’ll be there knitting all together at somepoint.

I know Karina,
It’s actually a DK weight wool, and I was using US size 8 needles. I actually didn’t have any solid yarn to experiment with, so I used some of the yarn from the scarf that I am knitting. LOL So, I wouldn’t have enough anyway.
I am looking at this as a swatch and to see if I could actually do it. So, seriously, if I can do this. “ANYONE” can do this!

Sounds great KM and welcome. I am so glad that we are having more people joining our KAL. I should have my yarn by next week as well and looking forward to start as well.
And yes, slow and steady does, mostly. :smiley:

Well, my photography leaves alot to be desired but here’s mine so far. This is done on size #6 needles with Cream TLC Cotton Plus… Round 42 complete:

Mary, that looks great! And you’re photographing white, one of the hardest things to photograph and get detail. Can’t wait to start mine soon!

I highly recommend to anyone joining in on the KAL to put in lifelines… It is a fairly intricate pattern and I had to tink back, once on the 35th round. I have reached and placed a lifeline on round #46, which is a knit round just before a stitch pattern round. Once you reach this point, after the 47th round, there will be knit rounds for 4 rounds and then another stitch pattern row. Just a suggestion!

ok, this may be REALLY obvious… but to a person who likes to think things through before they do it… how do you put a lifeline in!!!


There is a video here on KH:

Scroll down to the “Fixing Mistakes” heading and there is a video for “Using a Lifeline”.

Lol! Thanks Lisa… that answers so many questions, and i’m kicking myself even harder after this weekend’s misadventures whilst watching a film and attempting to finish off a couple of rows of lacework…

No more!!! I think lifelines are going to be a huge part of my knitting from now on!!!

Thanks again!

Your Welcome! :thumbsup: I’ve been watching this thread and trying to figure out if I want to add one more project to my list. I love the pattern though. I just need to finish up a few things first. :slight_smile: