Invisible (Provisional) Cast On

How do you count stitches with invisible cast on? For each hand motion I get 2 stitches on my needle. I’m supposed to cast on 51 stitches, but can’t do an odd number. Or should I count the 2 as 1?

What invisible cast on are you using? You should only get one stitch except for maybe the first one.

Count the stitch that’s on the needle you’ll use to knit with, not the stitch on the scrap yarn.

I followed the video on this website.

Okay, I watched it again. Since she’s only getting one stitch you must be doing part of it incorrectly.

I use this method.

That is so much better. Thanks!

You’re welcome! It’s a little more time consuming, but I still have hair when I’m done. :teehee: