Invisible double knot yarn join

Hi I am wondering how many have tried the double knot join to connect yarn? I have tried it for the first time and can’t believe how wonderful it works. There is nothing left to weave in after this join and it is pretty much invisible in the garment.

I’m glad it’s working well for you. I found this video for double knot join but I’ve never tried this. I guess I’m too knot-phobic to chance it. I usually overlap the new and old yarns for a few sts and weave in ends. I’m going to try the Russian join sometime soon however.

I have tried it. The knot eventually pulls out so you have to frog and redo the join. It may be invisible but you can feel the knot. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable knots in something worn next to the skin. It’s like a pebble in your shoe.

I’ve heard it doesn’t work as well with acrylic, is that what you were using? This does leave a much smaller knot than a conventional one though, and I’ve never felt the regular knots I always use to join.

I don’t mind a small knot especially if the join is invisible. I would imagine is it were pressed against the skin and something hard it would be uncomfortable but it should be ok with a sweater. I did think about also sewing it just in case it slips however the video I watched apparently the lady only uses this join and no other. Each knot is supposed to support the other from coming undone. She said it is best with worsted yarn but will come undone with a very fine yarn.

I am using 100% wool. I used the Russian join with the first two but prefer the double knot as I can still make out where I joined the new skein with the Russian. If this knot doesn’t come undone I will likely try it again. What I like about it is that you don’t have to worry about trying to put the join in an area that won’t be seen.

My reply was to fatoldladyinpjs as she said the knot pulled out. I had just read yesterday that it tends to do that with acrylic.

I believe it was acrylic. I like to join mine at the beginning of the row. I just pick up the new yarn and knit with it. On the following row, I’ll give it a tug to snug it up. I leave the ends dangle until I’m ready to finish a piece off, then I weave in the ends. I might knot the two yarns together loosely, but I undo them when I’m ready to weave in the ends.

I’d never heard of it before. Looks interesting, but I’d be afraid the knots would pull out over time.

I will post if it does. I am hoping that because I did it with wool that it will eventually felt or be meshed together. I pulled hard and it seem fine. We shall see.

I’d be afraid it would come undone, too. And then I’d have no ends to re-knot or weave.