Invisible crochet cast on

Is this different then the invisible cast-on that has a video on here? On KPC there’s an adorable toe sock pattern and my older brother has been begging me to make him a pair for ages, but I’ve never used an invisible cast on at all.


A provisional cast-on can be done either way, with a chain of crochet stitches or with a piece of scrap yarn.

If you use the crocheted chain, you pick up a stitch from each chain. Some folks like to make a few extra chains 'cause the first one or two can be kinda hard to get into to make a stitch.

If you use the scrap yarn technique, the video on this site is very helpful. It’s how I learned it.



Thanks so much!

Merry xmas to everyone!

By invisible cast on, do you mean provisional cast on*? If so, you can probably use any provisional cast on you wish, including the one Amy demonstrates. This is my favorite crochet cast on. This page shows a few different ones, including another version using a crochet hook. My favorite of all is the turkish cast on. (Version shown is for two-at-a-time toe-up socks on magic loop, but you don’t have to use it that way.) Magic cast on is not one I’ve tried personally, but it seems to have its proponents. There are even more ways to do provisional cast ons, but I think I’ve shown you the most popular ones.

*Invisible cast on can also refer to tubular cast on so I want to make sure you’re looking for the type of cast on that allows you to knit in the other direction. Tubular cast on makes a nice edge for 1x1 rib. I’ve never seen it done with a crochet hook, but I wanted to verify, just in case.

ETA: Oops. By the time I finished my post, the question had already been answered! I’ll leave it anyway in case you want to check out any of those links.

I use this invisible/provisional CO. For some reason I had problems learning Amy’s technique.

Provisional CO-knitting at noon

That’s the first one I cited above. I agree that it’s easier than Amy’s. Probably the best bet.