Invisible cast on

what is "an invisible cast on “? I am doing a mulitdeminsional dish cloth and this is the method used to cast on…then when finished the instructions are " remove the waste yarn from the first corner and graft together the last corner to the first corner, using the garter stitch graft method…” I love the look of this cloth and can do the pattern but cannot start or stop! :doh:

In this case it would be the same as provisional cast-on. You cast on with a ‘waste’ piece of yarn so that when you take it out later on, you have live stitches to use. Amy has a video on one technique that you can check out, and there’s an easier one here.

Yes…I found the video here and thanks for your additional info…I think I can do it …I may just have to sew my first one togather…i will practice this before i start my next one…they are really cute and fun to knit…thanks for you help Iris…