Invisible cast on?

I’ve watched the video for this about 50 times this afternoon trying to figure it out. I’ve got down how to cast it on, but I’m confused by something said at the very end. Amy states that you have to either twist one of the sts or knit into the back of it since every other st is backwards after casting on.

I have tried every way I can imagine and no matter what I do, the cast on loops end up crossed. The only way I can get them to look like the picture is to just knit every loop as normal.

What am I doing wrong?!

All that confusion is why I do a crocheted invisible/provisional cast on.

There are two ways, here and here.

I just learned this a few weeks ago! There are many ways to do it. If you’re having trouble with Amy’s instructions, try the link below for an alternate method using a crochet needle.

I tried a few other methods, but I liked Amy’s and the crochet method above the best. I like Amy’s because you can cast on directly to a circular needle cord instead of waste yarn, but I think the crochet one is easier to do. HTH

I just noticed Ingrid posted before I finished my answer! I think the one I linked might be similar to one she did, but there’s a video so that might make is easier to follow.

Awesome! TY! I practiced using the one that had a video and it was SO much easier! :slight_smile: Can’t wait for my yarn to get here TONIGHT so that I can start on my lace shawl. :cheering: :cheering: