Invisible cast on help

I’ve watched the video several times but there’s something I’m not getting. As I do it, the auxiliary and working yarn wrap around each other on the needle. I can sort of work it out if I rotate the newly cast on stitches after casting on each stitch, but it doesn’t seem right. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

It really takes practice, but the best way I fine is to hold the two yarns very seperate from each other. Are you using waste yarn from a ball, rather than just cutting a length off? That might be your problem.

I don’t understand what you mean by holding them very separate from each other. How? I am holding them like I see in the video here.

For the auxiliary yarn I cut off a length from another ball.

Okay, I made a quick video to show what I’m doing. First I show how it seems to twist and I try to let it untwist. then I show what happens when I do it and don’t let it untwist.

Noneof Yourbusiness uploaded this video to

I’ve watched both videos and it seems you’re doing it the same. The only thing I can think of is maybe putting more tension on your waste yarn to pull it under your bulkier working piece. ???

It’s been a while since I watched that video, and I had terrible trouble with it.

What I finally figured out is that if you watch her hands REALLY closely, you’ll see a little flick of the wrist that twists one of the yarns a bit, that isn’t verbally explained. So if you do what she’s saying, you may miss that little twist. It’s subtle, but it makes all the difference. Try watching it again and see if you can find what I mean (sorry I don’t have time to watch and find the exact spot on the video for you).

Lisa, I saw something was happening after coming behind both the yarns, but it’s like whatever was going on in 3-d my brain was refusing to process watching the 2-d video. I couldn’t grasp what I was seeing. I will try with a flick.

Thanks, everybody.


I watched both your video and Amy’s and then I tried it myself. At first when I cast on my top and bottom yarn did get all twisty and i had to straighten it out several times.

Then I watched Amy’s video again and I noticed that she pulls the waste yarn down and to the bottom of her needle with her fingers after each “front behind, behind behind.” That way her waste yarn is at the bottom of the cast on and doesn’t twist.

Watch the video again and you will see the movement. If I didn’t do that, then my cast on was all wonky.

I also wonder if you would have an easier time with a thinner piece of waste yarn. That crochet chain you are using looks like it would make it more difficult to keep your stitches straight.

Good luck!



What crochet chain? The thicker piece of yarn is the working yarn. The thinner piece is the waste yarn. They are both single ply roving types.

I can see that some other movement is happening, but I can’t see what it is. Even with you describing it, my eyes and brain refuse to process what is going on. I wish she would [I]say[/I] all that she’s doing. I’m trying to do as you describe, but just pulling my yarn to the bottom doesn’t help. It’s already at the bottom.

Thanks for trying, everyone. I’ll use a different provisional cast on and just modify the pattern.

Ahhh! Wow, that is tricky, but I figured it out, thanks to the direct video link and a slow motion feature on my player.

There is a third important motion on the second part of the cast on.

So, in front, behind is pretty clear. BUT, when she goes “behind, behind” she is wrapping both the working and the waste yarns so they end up together in the middle. That last bit is what makes the cast on work, and no twisties.

If I can be a bit more clear…
In front of waste
behind working yarn
behind waste
behind working yarn
NOW, go over working yarn, to wrap it, and under the waste,now you’re back at the starting point, and you can go over the waste yarn, etc.


Here’s my simplified version of where you’re going wrong:
In your video, you’re going in front, behind, behind, behind, then pausing to show us what you’re doing. When you pause, your needle is in front of the waste yarn. It should be BEHIND the waste yarn. You’re doing everything else correctly, just don’t stop where you’re stopping – keep moving the tip of your needle up until it’s in back of the waste yarn. Then repeat.
Hopefully this makes sense – it’s an easy fix if you get it. I do provisional cast ons a lot, and all these other replies had me confused with all the “flicks” and “wraps”. I am a total visual learner, though, so reading a description doesn’t help me as much as seeing it. I’m glad you posted a video so I could (hopefully) be of some help. Good luck!