Invisible Cast On Edge

Invisible cast-on edge? How is that done?

Usually an invisible CO is the same as a provisional CO. Look in the Cast On videos for one way to do it. Another way is to CO with another yarn and knit a row, then start the pattern with the yarn you’ll be using for the item. Later you undo or cut out the other yarn.

It’s the same as provisional. I use this method.

there are at least 5 (count them!) ways to do a 'tubular cast on.

all basicly involve a Rolled edge–that ‘evolves’ into 1 X 1 ribbing (or into 2 X 2 (less smooth) or stocking knit)

[B]1–[/B]cast on (simple) 1/2 required number
work a few rows of stocking knit
Pick up stitches from cast on edge,
Hold two needles together
work K1 (from front needle–with knit side of stocking knit facing you) P1, (from back needle–with purl side of stocking facing you)
Repeat across row…

[B]2-[/B]use a provisional cast on, and instead of picking up stitches from cast on edge, undo provisional cast on, and use those stitches

[B]3-[/B]use a provisional cast on (Crochet cast on)
R1: K1, YO, across row, (ending with a K1)
R1, slip 1, K1 (yo of row 1) end with S1
R2: K1, S1, repeat across row, ending with K1
repeat rows 1 and 2 once more, then switch to K1, P1
(see techknitter (on ravelry or her blog) for tutorial)

[B]4–[/B]Double yarn (style 1 ) (there is a photo tutorial and video clip if you google Italian cast on
5–[/B]Double Yarn (style 2) (i have made a YouTube video see ithere.)

[B]6-- [/B](is there another way… sure- you could use the Magic cast on, work flat for 3 to 5 'rows, then fold the work (knit side out) hold the two needles together, and K1 (from front) P1 (from back)

are there still more ways? (7? 8?)No doubt–I don’t know them…but i am sure they exist!

[B]The best way?[/B]

The way that works best for you!

I like MY WAY (method 5) best–but that is my preference…

Thank you all:muah: Troy, I liked how you explain it in your video. :yay: