Invisibility Shawl

Three nights ago I went to Borders, searching avidly for the new Charmed Knits book, with a bunch of patterns all relating to Harry Potter.

I found it, I flipped through it. I saw the invisibility shawl and instantly became thrilled… but I didn’t buy it.

I’ve thought about it for three days, wondering why I didn’t buy it. I went back to Borders this morning only to find that their stock had been wiped out. It’s driving me absolutely insane, I have to make this shawl.

So, I was wondering if any of you have seen any free patterns online anywhere similar to the actual invisibility cloak, seen here:

The picture isn’t so great, true, but… if you have any similar patterns please, please, PLEASE let me know ASAP, I’m about to pull my hair out. Thank you.

Based on the picture the ‘Invisibility Shawl’ is a thin yarn on large needles - using a very simple lace pattern.

Try KidSilk Haze or the equivilant (doceur et Soie, etc) with size 9 US needles. Cast on a multiple of 10 plus 6

knit 6 rows.

Then your row becomes k3, YO, *k3, (slip 2, k1, psso), k3, YO,k1, YO; repeat until 3 stitches left, end K3.

Repeat this row until sufficiently long, end with 6 rows of knit, bind off loosely. Three 25 gm balls of Kidsilk haze would probably make a stole.

Would the shawl make you invisible at work? I could sure use it!!:flirt:

Look at Wisp in Knitty’s summer issue, might be close.

this thread might have some ideas also

As suggested how about trying Knitty’s Wisp

BUT work out the pattern width wise instead of length and leave out the yo’s on the edge.

I have some invisible yarn I could sell you!


is that the same stuff used through out history to clothe emperors and other bullish political leaders?



I have ordered the Charmed Knits, and cannot wait for it to arrive. The chance to own it at once, I do not think I could have walked away from. You have more strength than I.

future court reporter
loving England

Ingrid, any yarn you pick out would be incredible! [I]I[/I] have invisible dollars with which to buy your yarn!:teehee:

Why not check to see if your local library has a copy you could copy, I mean borrow?