Investing in a Needle Set

I’m a relatively new knitter, and am thinking of investing in a set of interchangeable needles to get me started with a variety of the commonly used needle sizes.

I’ve been looking online at the Options Harmony Interchangeable Circular Set … does anyone have this set? I’d appreciate any feedback/recommendations from those who are familiar with this or other sets as to whether this is worth the investment.

Thanks! :muah:

I have both Harmonies and Options and love them. Lots of folks here have one, the other or both. If you search the forums, you’ll find TONS of threads on the subject of these and other interchangeable sets!

KP Options and Harmony and Zephyr interchangeables are great. They’re not too spendy. Some parts might have ‘issues’ or ‘defects’…however, KP is quick to replace the part, no fuss no muss for you. Just call them. The part is delivered to your door asap…no questions asked, no returning defective parts.

Addi Clicks are great, lifetime guarantee. But they are costly.
You could order KP Options [U]AND[/U] Harmony sets for the price of an Addi Clicks set.
I own full sets of Options NP and Harmony, and some Zephyr tips. Zephyrs knit like Harmony’s IMO.

I have Boye Needlemaster interchangeables, and Denise interchangeables. I don’t use either anymore.

I use KP Options & Harmony 24%, and Addi Clicks for 76% of my knitting.

KP Options and Harmony are very pointy tips. Can split yarn.
Can hurt fingertips if you ‘push’ the needle.

Addi Clicks are rounder tips, however, they don’t split yarn, and they never hurt my fingertips. I use them most of the time, unless I need pointy tips for cables or tight places like the Textured Pattern Stitch of the Clasica Coat! KP Options made it so easy!

One question would be what do you plan on knitting. I’m into socks and tend to use smaller needles. Knit Picks Harmony, Options and Addi interchangeable needles only go down to size 4 (US).

I have the Boye Needlemasters that go down to size 2. I love the needles but hate the cables. I have started developing ways to replace the cables with weed trimmer line. There are also the Hiya Hiya interchangeable that go down to size 2. I have not used the interchangeable but find the standard cable needles very nice especially for the price.

Thanks everyone for all your input … it’s much appreciated!

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