Inventing own sock pattern....have questions

Okay, first question.

Will I run into problems if I am using an odd stitch count for the leg portion of the sock? The stitch pattern I’m using works best with a multiple of 12st plus 1, but I have a feeling that once I go to divide the heel stitches and the instep stitches, I will have problems making it even.

Gotta run…will be back later.

You can simply to increases or decreases when you get to the area for dividing your sts; for example you are using a st pattern 12 + 1, let’s say that you have 49 sts…when you are done with the leg, decrease by 1 to 48 and you can evenly divide your sts :wink: It’s not uncommon to do this in sock patterns at all; not to worry…you will do fine :thumbsup:

I realized after a few rows, that since I am doing it in the round, the ‘plus 1 stitch’ part of the stitch repetition was unnecessary. I was glad because that brought me back to an even stitch count of 60 stitches. I am finished the leg part of sock #1 and and going to be figuring out the heel today. Designing is so much fun!!! Only two things I don’t like about it so far. My stitch pattern is going to be off-center by one stitch on the instep. It will be unnoticeable because of the small gauge, but I will know it’s there. Also, I’m using this really nice self-striping yarn, but because it is quite, well, stripy, :wink: the pattern isn’t as noticeable as I would like. It would be better on a solid color or at least on something with quite a bit less color variation. The stuff I’m using has white, navy, grey, and light blue.

I can’t wait to show you my progress!! :cheering: