Hi everybody, wanted to introduce myself. I’m Brian and I’m teaching myself to knit. I just knitted my first little row and I’m happy! I’m on disability for schizoeffective disorder and other things so I’m doing this for my mental health.

    My mind doesn't work right so I need to keep it busy.  I'm excited about it.  My big problem I'm doing right now is knitting too tight , but I'm practicing!  I got nothing but time.  Also those pattern abbreviations are brutal!  But ill get there. 

Any tips or encouragement or stories will be well received! Thanks.


Welcome Brian! That’s awesome that you’re learning to knit! At the top of the page is a link to a glossary which will help. There’s also a sticky thread at the top of the General Forum with common abbreviations used in the forum. If you find something confusing or need help just ask and we’ll help if we can. :thumbsup:

Glad to have you join us.
Here’s a link to some (many) helpful tips. You can read through them whenever you’d like. I’m still doing that.