Hi! My name is Carmen and i live in Washington State, verrrry near Canada. This holiday season i picked up the knitting bug and made every one of my friends and family members winter items for Christmas. Now i am ready to take on more complicated projects! I dream of lace, socks, sweaters…drool

I am very excited about finding KH this morning!

Hi Carmen! :waving: You’ll love it here! So much to learn from others and great ideas. That’s amazing you knitted something for all the members of your family. You’re way more generous than me, I like to knit for ME! (although I have made a few gifts including a black tie made out of hemp!)

Hi Carmen! This is the best forum EVER.

Carmen, welcome to KH.

Warning! This place is highly addictive.

Hi Carmen–welcome!

:cheering: Welcome! :cheering: