Hi all!

I’m Lindsay, and I’m new to the board so I thought I’d say hello.

I started knitting a year ago but only stuck with it for about two months. I just started again and, well, let’s just say I don’t think knitting is an intuitive talent for me. But I’m trying to get better!

I’m 24, and a stay at home mom (may be working part time soon, though) to Jane (21 months) and Erica (5 months). I’ve been married to Roger for 4 years and we live in beautiful Northern California.

If anyone wants to know more about me you can always check out my website

I look forward to knitting and chatting with all of you :slight_smile:

ETA: I thought I should add, that I learned to knit from the videos on this site! I also have a knitting book (Stich N Bitch) but I did NOT understand how to knit without seeing a video. So thanks, Amy, for maintaining this site! It has helped me immensely.

Welcome!! :waving:

welcome Lindsay :slight_smile: glad you are getting back into knitting. stick with it, as initially it might be frustrating but in no time you’ll be more confident and wanting to try all kinds of new stuff.

I’m in northern CA too, but in the not-so-pretty south bay.

Hello Lindsey I am new too!!

Nice to meet you.

This is a fantastic site with some really wonderful people who have made me so welcome and answered my stupid question about hanks :oops:

:hug: Sharon

LOL, jodstr2, the south bay is pretty too. Well, some of it is anyway. HAHA. I love Redwood City.

Welcome! :waving:

Welcome to KH!

Welcome! You’ll have lots of fun here.

Welcome! I’m also in northern Cali. (East Bay) and a SAHM to two boys.

Yeah :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: So glad you’re here!!!

Welcome. :waving:

Welcome, welcome , welcome… don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are wonderful peoplehere to aid you along the way

PSS Susan::: no such thing as a stupid question. if you are questioning something, you are beginning to understand.
No one will think less of you…
I ask questions all the time… I am not embarrassed in the least. I know I DON"T have the answer… ( and so does everyone else) :rofl: :happydance:

:waving: Hi and Welcome to the forum!!

Welcome! :waving:

Hi! Your girls are lovely. I love your pics on your site! And your “About me” craked me up! LOL I can so relate. I miss my hot body too! Where did it go? We ap too. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!

Hi Talula LOVE your name! :cheering:

Welcome Talula! We are just a big happy knitty family here!

Thanks for all the welcomes, everyone! :smiley: I feel the love.

LOL Pixywhispers, I actually stole that phrase from a friend of mine, but isn’t it so true? Oh, flat tummy, we hardly knew ye! And thanks, I think my girls are cute too. But you know, I’m biased. Nice to meet another AP mama! waves

Its nice to meet you.Stick with it, when you least expect it, it will all get easy and then you will fall in love with Knitting…I struggled off and on with learning,to the point of almost selling all my needles and yarn.Then one day I was an addict,lol! This board is very helpful… :happydance: