I’m brand new here but certainly not new to knitting. I’m a self-taught knitter from way back.

I’ve been lurking out here for the past week and I absolutely love this site. Love to see all the projects you guys make and glad to see that so many really love knitting as much as I do. :happydance:

I work with mostly all men so it’s nice to have a place to stop by and talk about knitting! I sure can’t do that at work. ha ha ha :XX:

Lisa from Massachusetts [color=darkred][/color]

Here is a picture of my latest project. I decided to finally make this baby sweater because I used to only knit scarfs and afghans so I really wanted to learn more. I still have many projects that I want to do so I’m sure I’ll be out here asking lots of questions. :XX:

Welcome! This place is way too much fun!!
Lynn :waving:

Hi! That sweater is so sweet! Thanks for posting.

Wow that sweater is beatiful! Welcome aboard! The women here are absoluately wonderful!


Thank you all! I think my next challenge will be to make a pair of socks. I haven’t tried that yet and I’ve seen so many out here that look so good. :heart:

I think it’s funny that I’m not the only one that has several projects going on at the same time. I usually have about three differnt things that I’m working on. Why do we do that? I just don’t have the time to do all the crafts that I really want to do.

Here is a picture of the last afghan I knitted on circular needles. It was made while knitting with two skeins of yarn at the same time so it came out pretty thick.

Welcome! Your sweater and afghan are beautiful!

:waving: Welcome to KH!!! I love your afghan and sweater…you are going to LOVE socknitting :wink:

The sweater and the afghan are gorgeous! :cheering:


Welcome to the site, and your sweater and blanket are really pretty! :smiley:

Love that afghan (I’m such a sucker for pink!)!

That sweater is terrific too!

Welcome to the forum!! :waving:

Those items are so impressive!! I love the details in each one of them and the colors and textures are great!! :inlove:

Welcome! You’re going to love it here! I really like your afghan and sweater, the colors and the patterns are sooooo pretty.

The sweater & afghan are gorgeous! Welcome aboard! :smiley:

wow very nice items!

So pretty! Welcome.

Your projects are sooooooooooo pretty.

Welcome to KH…just be careful…it’s very addictive!