Introduction of myself

Hi my name is Jasmine and I am originally from Singapore and i am an asian chinese…i marry my husband who is us born and that why i m here today in US… i buy my yarn and needles around the world whenever both of us travel …we love to travel alot … we went to peru (too bad we are on the tour so no time to source for their yarn store…we went to galapago, amazon jungle (really stay in the jungle hut those hut have no doors just wall around sometimes monkey will visit it kind of freak me out)

i have alot of yarn from japan… there is this store in singapore carry them … okie that’s so much about me … thanks for reading though

to all the Moderator and Amy of knitting help, good job on this website … i am glad that i found it !!!

glad 2 have u here, welcome!

Welcome to the forum!

That sounds like an interesting trip you had! I’m not sure how I’d react to monkeys hanging out in my room! :rofl: :rofl:

:cheering: Welcome!
yeah, I’d be pretty goofed up if a monkey showed up in my bedroom! but yet it would be pretty hillarious at the same time!
Again, welcome and what a fun adventurous life you and your hubby have!

:waving: Welcome to the forum, Jasmine!!

:cheering: welcome, Jasmine! :cheering:

a big thank you for welcoming me here… i feel home here… :heart:
u guys are fantastic !!! :woohoo:

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome…!!!
Are you a seasoned knitter or a newbie(likeme)… ? Look forward to seeing you around the site…
:cheering: :happydance:


Welcome!!! Me too from Singapore and still in Singapore :woot:

I love this site too. It just love at the first sight :heart: I love all the FO here, they make me more enthusiastic with knitting and got hooked!!!

Have fun here!!!

cheers xxx xxx :clink: :clink:

Hi there !!!

wow yooo woooo :balloons: :happydance: is great to see my fellow citizen here … thks for saying hi … how do you get your yarn and needle ?? from golden dragon at chinatown ??? i go there alot everytime i go home to visit my families

keep in touch and what project are u working on now ???

Got most of my stuff from Golden Dragon and recently ordered from Knit Picks… love their yarns. other than that I also got some from Spotlight

I have posted couple of my FO on what cha…

preivous FO…
remote controls
for my wedding attendants
spiral scarf and triangular shawl
my shrug

I am now working on a poncho!!! one and half yarn more to go for completion!!! :cheering:

Hi Jakoh,

I use to go Golden dragon alot … spotlight dun have much i need there though…they have some classes there in spotlight and someone from there have a website selling addi-turbo knitting needles and some yarn from japan i think…

what brand needles you like best ??? me too buy alot from knitpicks lately since my discovery of their store … :cheering:

did knitpicks shipped to singapore ??? or international ?? it so nice to see u here :hug:

Welcome!!! :cheering:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!!

thank you all. :muah: …this site rocks :woot: :woohoo: :clink: :thumbsup:

Most of my stuff got it from Golden Dragon. I prefer those needles from GD as they are more durable.

me love the green yarn call Sport, is marvellous!!! Do you come across Vpost , is from Post office that enable shipment that ship from US and Japan…like middleman where these two places don’t ship to Singapore!!!

me too happy to see you here too… are the yarn you bought from US and other places cheaper than Singapore? Me going Korea soon and not sure any yarn store in Seoul?

Cheers :cheering:

Never heard of Vpost…too bad they don’t ship to singapore anymore… yarn here in USA is more selection…cos’ demand of knitting is so high… some site u will find cheap yarn …korea will have yarn store cos they knit for winter …check the website before u go … u might find something … i will be back to singapore soon…have not fix the date yet though…then my hubby and i going to hilton maldive for a week

keep me posted on your work and we can chat too …

Welcome to the forum!! :waving:

how envy!!! You must be travelling alot!!! been and seem so many places and cultures!

You are a full time housewife? Will post another project of mine next week…