Introduction of a n00b ^_^

Hey all! Found this site while I was skipping around online (metaphorically, of course) and decided it looked like fun. So here we am :slight_smile: I’m a teen knitter who lives in Hawaii (how many of those can you find in the world?) so it’s always fun to figure out what the heck I’m going to knit next. But that’s what makes life exiting, right?

So, here I am, here you are, and what the heck are we doing here? Let’s knit!

And, because I couldn’t resist…



Welcome to KH :slight_smile:


Welcome :woot:

:happydance: Welcome to KH!!

:hug: Welcome.

Nice to meet you. Happy knitting!

Welcome aboard

Hi and welcome!:waving:

Welcome to KH!

Hello and welcome to KH :woot::waving:

I just have a question. Is it hard to find things to knit in Hawaii? I mean, your not exactly making mittens are you? What sort of things do you knit?

Well, you could say that it is. I mean, I can’t really knit any regular stuff, because you don’t really need stuff to keep you warm. So I knit a lot of benies, because they don’t really do much to keep you warm but still look good, and fingerless mitts. I aslo make really skinny scarves that I sometimes use as belts, bags, headbands. I make a lot of headbands. Also, I do make the occasional sweater, for nights at the beach (when it does get a bit chilly) and movie theaters (where the air conditioning is always overused).

It gets kind of annoying sometimes, because I see this super cute scarf or whatever pattern, but then realize that I will never really need a scarf or whatever. So, in those cases, I make something for my extended family on the mainland :slight_smile:

Make the scarf about 3 times wider and it’s a shoulder wrap for those AC’d movie theaters and restaurants.

Oh, wow, I never thought of that before. Thank you! :muah:

Shawls are just big scarves… you can take any scarf pattern and make it wider.