Introduction and question

Hi everyone! It seems that I always start to knit this time of year. I love to knit and crochet, sew, and watercolor paint. I’m a technical writer by day, artist by night. :inlove:
I am knitting some socks (for the first time) and I’m getting frustrated using the double-pointed needles. At least I’m having difficulty with the first round. I can’t control the twisting so I never get too far with the socks. I’m looking for any advice on how to knit with double-pointed needles.
Also, I was wondering if they make a circular needle for socks. 16" is too big hence the need to master the double-pointed needles.

Hi and Welcome to KH!!

With dpns it just comes with time. It can be annoying those first couple of rounds, but it does get easier.

They do have some circs out there thought that some use for sock knitting. Hereis a link to a few.

I like Magic Loop for socks too and a lot of people like to use 2circs. Hereis the link to Amy’s videos for that :thumbsup:

It’s all in what is comfy for you and what you enjoy working with. I still drag out my dpns every once in a while but Magic loop is my favorite :happydance:

To avoid twisting on the 1st round, I lay my needles with the cast on stitches on a table or flat surface and arrange it in the order the needles will be knit. I then orient all the stitches so they point into the circle. I then pick up the 1st and last needle and knit the 1st stitch cast on. Once you get the first couple of stitches knit you should be fine. It gets much easier to knit on DPNs after several rounds.

Hi Serenity, welcome! I started my first sock on dpn’s, got frustrated, and switched to Magic Loop a few rounds in. I have never looked back. :slight_smile: I would follow Plantgoddess’s advice if you want to stick to dpn’s - and really, even if you go with Magic Loop. You still have to get the round started without twisting. Once you get it right once, you’ll start to see how you got there, and how you get them twisted, and it will make more sense. Hang in there! :slight_smile:

If you use 4 DPN’s and a 5th to knit them off it is easier because you have a bigger circumference to work around and to see what you are doing. I love knitting on 4 DPN’s and have made many socks this way. After a while you fingers know just what they are doing and you will even have any ladders.


I meant to say you will NOT have any ladders. (Dumb finger are tired of typing tonight)

Try different methods until you find the one you like. Everyone has their preference. I love my DPNs. I do know that starting any item in the round that the first few rows are awkward and with practice it gets easier. I’d say pick a method and just do practice knitting in the round before starting on a project… (remember learning to knit for the first time? Except this time you know how to knit, now your trying it in the round) find the method you prefer and then start your project - you’ll be happier with knitting the project and the outcome of the project if you enjoy the knitting method.

Happy knitting

A lot of people will knit the first 2-3 rows of a sock flat, then join them in a circle. Use the tail to sew up that little 2-3 row gap. You will find it easier to make sure your not twisted up this way.

Also explore magic loop and 2 circ methods. Which ever is easier for you, is all a matter of personal perference.

Welcome PattyM. I started out knitting socks on DPN’s and didn’t like it at all. I now knit them on 2 circulars. One 16" & one 24" of the same size. I knit so much faster this way. I took a class at our now closed LYS to learn on 2 circulars but you can go to
These are good videos to help you learn socks. Hope this helps you out.