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I am new here and want to say hello and also I am in need of some help with a pattern. It states CO 110 sts. Row 1 (Wrong Side):Knit. Then Begin Lace Pattern. Then you go up to the Pattern Stitch Lace Pattern (multiple of 11 sts) Row 1 (Right Side): K1 etc. Do I knit a row after I have cast on the 110 stitches? Also is that knitted row the right side? It says Row 1 Wrong Side : knit . I don’t understand. I appreciate any help. The pattern is Hooded Lace Scarf from Red Heart.Com by Jodi Lewanda. My daughter asked me to make it for her so I would really like to make it to give to her. Thanks

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Do your cast on and then knit the next row (a WS row). Turn at the end of the row and begin row 1 of the lace pattern (a RS row). Put a marker on the RS so you can keep track at least for the first few rows.

Thank you for your help. When the pattern asks for a purl after you have been knitting do you bring the yarn to the front of the right needle instead of the back as in knitting? When I tried to do it with the yarn in the front of the right needle something just doesn’t seem right and when I finished the row at the end of Row one (Right Side ) I was short the last 10 stitches. I only had 7. I downloaded the knitting help app and tried to follow the videos. I must be doing something wrong. I haven’t knitted in years and I never tried anything complicated but I’m trying.

I wonder if this is two different problems.
Yes, you want the yarn in front to make a purl stitch. After the knit stitch, bring the yarn to the front between the needles and make the purl. If you have to go from a purl to a knit, complete the purl and then bring the yarn to the back between the needles.
Be careful when you do the yarn over. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right hand needle to the back. That’s it. A yo won’t use a stitch.

When I follow K1, *k2tog,k4,yo,K1, yo,ssk,K1,p1 ( After I k4 I pull the yarn inbetween the needles and to the front for the yo but I am confused because it then says to knit 1 meaning that I would place the yarn behind the right needle which would undo the yo. Am I suppose to yo pulling the yarn to the front and then without moving the yarn from the front of the right needle go ahead and insert the right needle into the top loop on the left needle in the front of the loop to knit and then do another K1?

To do a YO you bring the yarn to the front between the needles and the over the top of the right needle to knit the next stitch. That will create the YO (which is an increase and an eyelet).

My yarn is in between the needles to the front of the right needle.Now am I suppose to knit a stitch using the left needle by slipping my right needle under the front top stitch in the front like to knit? It is confusing for me. I have frogged this about 10 times already. If I make a mistake I end up having to to rip the whole thing back to beginning to start over. Usually when you do a yo the yarn will be in the front like a purl but in knitting it is in the back of the needle. So when it says yo and then k1 I’m confused as to where that yarn is suppose to be. Thank you everyone for trying to help me. I’m also trying to understand how the forum works so please forgive me for not getting back to everyone that has written me. I do appreciate the help.

You knit the stitch normally. Here’s a video.

I have watched that several times. Thank you but that doesn’t explain or solve my problem. In the video she does a yarn over and then does a knit stitch and I understand that. My question is that in the yarn over the yarn is in the front and when you do the following stitch k1 the yarn should be in the back. So does that mean in the pattern where it says k2tog, k4, yo,k1,yo,ssk,k1,p1 am I suppose to do the yo pulling the yarn to the front of the right needle and then proceed to do the knit 1 with the yarn in the front instead of the back as in the video. In other words do you do a knit stitch directly after bringing the yarn in front from the yo or am I suppose to do yo and knit 1 then do another knit 1? Doing two k1’s. In the video she does a k1 directly after doing the yo which she calls that the next stitch. I’m trying to figure out if I’m suppose to do two k1’s.

You bring the yarn forward between the needles then move it over the top of the right needle so it’s “in the back” and knit the next stitch normally. You can’t k1 with the yarn actually in the front you have to move it over the top of the needle to the back. That is a yarn over.

Do exactly as the pattern says which is k1 not two. And after the next yo you’ll ssk. Do the same thing. YO by bringing the yarn forward between needles and over the top of the right needle and ssk. Just try it and see what happens. :wink:

Thank you. I’m up to Row 7 now but am trying to figure out what [ k1, yo] twice means. Brackets are different than parentheses. When I looked up the brackets it said to alternate measurements between the brackets. Not sure what that means. I know how to do the k1 and the yo. Are they telling me to do k1, yo and then another k1 and another yo or k1, yo and another yo? You ladies are such a great help. Thanks again.

In knitting brackets can be used interchangeably with parentheses. Sometimes both are used when necessary.
For row 7, work the directions in brackets twice. So that’s k1, yo, k1, yo.

Hi, I unraveled the Lace project because I was making too many mistakes and didn’t know how to fix them. So I kept having to start over each time. I gave up on that pattern. At least for now. I started a new one that seems to be a lot easier. Thank you for your help.

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