Introduction and cabling question!

Hi, Everyone!

I’m Michelle in TN and found this forum by looking around for an answer to a question. I logged on, and this looks like a fun place! I’ve been knitting for 2.5 years and am embarking on my first cabled sweater. I made an Aran baby blanket this spring and loved cabling so I thought I’d try it out. I’m pleased to meet you all and look forward to hanging out here a little.

So is it too soon for a question? Oh, good, because this has me stumped. I cast on the specified number of stitches (146) and have worked across the first fow of my chart. The repeat is 34 stitches. I didn’t do the math and assumed that the 146 could be divided evenly by 34 so that I’d finish the chart at the end of each row. But no! I’m left hanging with 8 stitches I need to do something with. The pattern didn’t say anything like "begin chart on stitch #4; rather just cast on and start the chart. Any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance!

Welcome michinson… Usually a chart will tell you how many stitches go before the pattern commences. It may be that you’re not used to reading the chart yet and that 4 stitches were supposed to be at either end of the row before the pattern commenced.

However, I just did a calculation. 34 (pattern) X by 4 repeats is 136 and this means you should have 10 stitches left over - unless of course there were stitches between the cable pattern which would be usual. There could be two stitches at beg and 2 between each set of 34 and two at end (which equals ten).

I would read chart and pattern carefully again and I think you will need to undo and restart but if you can’t figure out the error perhaps try and copy the chart and instructions here - even just for the first two rows - so we can read/interpret?

Hi, Susan, and thanks for your assistance. First off, you were right, and I did have 10 left. I don’t know where I got 8. Anyway, I did some color work recently which said something like you suggested and had me start the pattern on the 7th stitch. At the far end of the row, I did the same thing with the last 7 and it worked evenly. I checked another, similar pattern in the same book and it doesn’t give that type of instruction there either. It simply says, “Cast on “x” stitches. Begin pattern and work evenly to…”

So here’s the pattern. I don’t have a scanner but it translates thusly for the first two rows:

1: P3, 4-st cable, P4, 4-st cable, P4, 4-st cable, P4, 4-st cable, P3
2: K3, P4, K4, P4,K4, P4, K4, P3.
The next two rows are just knitting and purling (alternating f&b) like Row 2, then start with Row 1 again.
You carry on with this to form the ribbing, then launch into a different 34-st repeat.

I suppose I’ll I’m going to alternate K and P 5 stitches on each side to accommodate the extras. I’ve gone through the book and found nothing that addresses this, so that’s my best guess. Does that sound reasonable to you? Again, thanks very much for your help. This is my first sweater and I don’t want it to be a wreck.

It could be those 10 sts are for an edge - 5 on each side…


michinson.Hi again… I’ve just sat with paper working out various permutations and still can’t get the 146… BUT…a thought came to mind…when you say 4 stitch cable…what does that mean…are you putting two stitches on a cable needle, knitting two and then knitting two off the cable needle? If you are putting 4 stitches on a cable needle, knitting 4 and then knitting 4 off the needle that is 8 and may be the first part of where the addition is going wrong. I DO see your row two suggests 4 stitches and not 8 but I thought I’d check with you.

Otherwise…yes…the stitches are for an edge. Sometimes a pattern can say this but it’s presented in a very ‘obscure’ fashion!


2: K3, P4, K4, P4,K4, P4, K4, P3.

is a 30 st repeat, not 34, though Row 1 uses 34 sts. Maybe you just forgot to write one of the p4s…?

Susan, it does seem the cable only uses 4 sts (2/2) not 8, otherwise there would be some k8 or p8 in the pattern.


I agree Sue…at the same time is it worth asking because if a misinterpretation has happened first row sometimes that can just carry over into the second (without thinking). :slight_smile:

But I agree…and I suspect say at the end of row 1 where you have 3 stitches…that may not be repeated for the start of the next pattern ‘set’ and this in itself may account for an error across the pattern. I mean, maybe there ‘are’ 6 stitches between the cabling proper but it’s worth asking. :slight_smile:

I wondered about those 3 stitches too…


Wow, thank you all for your assistance. Yes, I’m sorry, I missed a K or P 4 on the chart translation I typed. I’d counted, counted, and counted and was getting cross-eyed by the time I found you-all. So I apologize for causing you more work/calculation in wondering about that.

I did decided to do a 5-on-each-side edge. I hunted and hunted but that’s the only thing that made sense. And this way of course the pattern will be centered. My sweater is now whipped into shape. Well, the first four for rows of bottom back ribbing are, anyway.

Again, thanks loads for putting your considerable brain power to work on this. (And I’ll be more careful with the numbers in future!)


Oh, it’s a sweater? Then the edge stitches should probably be stockinette, not garter…

No worries Michinson…and I agree with suzee the q re the stockinette if it’s a sweater…