Introduction and a few projects

I haven’t posted any of my work on here yet, but just finished a few little things I thought I might share with you.

I made these three for my nephew, his first birthday is coming up soon:

In case his parents think the pirate-sweater is a bit too grown up, I made this one to soften things up a bit:

You can’t go wrong with ducks…

I made this brown one for my little girl, she won’t be using it for some time though, because the size is 1-2 years (she’s 4 months old now). But I love the retro feel and look of it and can’t wait until she’s big enough to wear it:

And finally a little bag I made today for my boyfriend’s little brother. He needed something to keep his Nintendo DS in. I also made one similar to it for my nine year old son a while back (but couldn’t find it now to get a picture of it). A great StashBuster! :wink:

Wow your stitches are beautiful! How long have you been knitting?

I love the pirate sweater! Not to grown up at all, definitely a one of a kind. The brown sweater for your dd. (She’s so cute!) What pattern is it?

Wow. and Wow! I want to know how long you’ve been knitting too! (to see how long I will have to practice to be able to do anything like this…)

I love everything you made, but am just in love with the duckie sweater- I love the swirls in it too.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you! Well I hardly ever use specific patterns, I usually just take bits and pieces from here and there and mix them up with my own ideas. But the brown one is mainly based on a Norwegian pattern. I changed the collar pattern a bit and made the sweater longer than indicated in the pattern. It’s made from yarn called Lanett (don’t think you have it ‘over there’).

I’ll put this in here as well (I already posted it in the ‘introduce yourself’-thread) since I’m such a n00b…

Hi everyone, I found this site a few days ago and have been lurking around ever since. Haven’t posted yet (it’s difficult to knit and type at the same time) but I look forward to being a part of this fantastic community!

I’m 27 years old and have been knitting since childhood. For some reason I had a problem with finishing my projects though, and through all these years I only finished three or four. I’ll blame it on being a big scatter-head and losing interest too quickly. You’ll never imagine how many unfinished jumpers I found lying around when I decided it was time to get serious with my knitting again!

When I became pregnant with my little girl last year and couldn’t work, I somehow got the calm needed to actually finish anything. Since then I’ve been pretty manic I guess… I spend every free moment knitting and I’m absolutely loving it! I decided never to start a new project unless the last one was finished and by doing it that way I’ve now finished more objects than I can count. I mostly do children’s clothing, in part because it’s quick and you nearly always see the results right away, but mainly because babies and kids are just so cute wearing knits! Oh and I also produce massive amounts of socks, because my boyfriend just loves them!

-He’s absolutely ecstatic about my new passion by the way, I’ve never liked flowers and he’s had big problems figuring out what small things he can get me every now and then when others could give flowers… Now he just gets me a bag of yarn and I’m on cloud nine!-

Just recently I thought that perhaps there was some knitting-info to be found on the internet (after all, you can find ANYTHING on the internet) and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that there are actually many others like me out there! :smiley: This site is wonderful, I’ve taken a look at the videos and I was actually amazed to realize there are so many different ways to knit! Somehow I always thought ‘my way’ was the only way…:aww:

So thanks for this wonderful site, I can’t wait to partake and I’ll conclude this with a picture of my little one, as you can see I’m doing my best to get her hooked early![/I]

BTW: I just want to apologize if my English isn’t perfect, I’m coming to you from Iceland and English isn’t my first (or second) language. ;)[/I]

Welcome from Iceland! Your work is beautiful, and your English is perfect–probably better than a lot of us natives. :teehee: That picture of your little girl is priceless. :heart:

Welcome to KH and nice knitting! (Your English is perfect)

Oooh stop it, you’re making me blush!

Just joking, please keep going! Haha!

Oh I forgot this one, inspired by the beautiful blue drop-stitch scarf I saw on here a few days ago I made this one. It’s big an bulky and warm and oh so lovely and soft. I’ve caught myself making up excuses to go outside just so that I can wear it. Because I have to admit, it’s a [I]bit [/I]too warm to wear inside (even in Iceland)…

:inlove: everything is beautiful!! You did a great job and welcome :yay:

Those sweaters are wonderful! And your daughter is adorable :slight_smile: Welcome to KH

Welcome! Your work is wonderful and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! (and your english is fabulous, too!)

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:
Your work is lovely. I love the brown one and the one with the scull and crossbones .
Your baby girl is so cute :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome. Your knitting is wonderful, just love the sweaters. Your daughter is very cute, maybe she will be the youngest knitter here.

love your work, I especially like the very first jumper that you posted. Do you have a link to the pattern or where you could buy it. or it it your own design. would love to make that for my soon to be 2 year old daughter. Welcome to the KH forum, hope to see more of your work soon.

Thanks a lot everyone. :slight_smile:

Karina> No I’m sorry, that one was more or less my own creation. As always based on some other stuff but unfortunately nothing I can link to.
I’ve been ‘personalizing’ so many patterns lately I think it would be smart to keep some notes on what I’ve done… It sure would be nice to be able to share. :slight_smile:

Beautiful Work:yay: I love the duck sweater.

Your work is wonderful and your DD is precious! Welcome :hug: We’ve got people from all around the world here, so you don’t have to apologize about your English. I must say I’ve been to Iceland 3.5 years ago and it’s the most magical place i’ve ever seen. Where in Iceland are you from?

Welcome and I LOVE the duck sweater!!!Everything is lovely including your little girl!!!

I am so impressed both with your work and your English! Both are wonderful.


Wow; killer sweaters! The Nintendo keeper looks cool with the pocket and buttons. :thumbsup: