Introducing Bryce Aaron!

I’ve been missing for a few days…with good cause!

Bryce Aaron arrived at 1:34 a.m. Saturday, September 29. He weighed in at 9 lbs 0.7 oz and is 21 1/2 in long. I had a very quick labor and delivery and ended up with a few issues. I had some huge blood clots that had to be cleared and then some hemorrhaging. While I was recovering Bryce was upstairs in the nursery waiting for me to move up to the other room. Apparently his breathing became rather difficult and he was sent to the NICU. He was put on oxygen for a day and a half. They’re guessing that because of the quick delivery, his lungs were not cleared out and that was causing him the problems. We figured he was fine after that, but then they noticed he had a very low resting heart rate and had an episode that concerned them. A cardiologist from the children’s hospital was coming to see another baby so he checked out Bryce. (He had an EKG and some chest x-rays performed.)

They decided he was okay since he’s so big, but he wanted to monitor him for 48 hours. This morning we were released and we’re all home finally!!!

Here’s a link to some pictures.


kelly! he is beautiful!! thanks for sharing his pictures with us :slight_smile: he looks so sweet and peaceful :heart:

Awww, he is a beautiful little boy! I’m glad everything turned out ok. :hug:

He’s perfect!!! Congratulations!!

What a gorgeous little boy! Congratulations! I hope it’s smooth sailing for you from now on. :muah:

Congratulations! My son is named Bryce and my nephew is named Aaron.

Congratulations! What a sweetie. From the pics it looks like he’s big and healthy.

Watch out though… they grow-up on you fast. My baby boy turned 16 on the 29th.

Congrats! He is handsome!

Everyone looks happy and healthy now

Congratulations! He is so handsome!

What an ugly baby!

Just kidding ( I can never resist).



Hes beautiful!

Kelly, what a beautiful baby boy! I’m glad Bryce is at home and doing better. May it be smooth sailing from here.

He’s Beautiful!! I’m so glad everything is ok now. I can’t believe how big he looks!!!

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you all! He’s adorable and so are the big brothers! :hug:

He’s so sweet:heart:! Congratulations :hug:

How lovely! I hope your feeling better. Congratulations, give the little man a hug from all of us.


OMG what a beautiful baby! :inlove:Congratulations!!! :muah:

He really is beautiful! Newborns are supposed to be kinda ugly and squishy, but he really is an adorable newborn!! Congratulations! :cheering:

My baby boy turned 16 on the 24th! They do grow up soooo fast! :noway: