Hello everyone … I thought it might be appropriate to take a moment to introduce myself. I just popped in here a while back with a question about circular needles, and now I have a moment where I can actually sit down and think for a moment!

I’m a sahm of 2, and we homeschool. DS is 10 and DD is 6 (almost 7). We live in the Chicago area but have also lived in North Carolina and Kentucky. In addition to my hubby, myself and the two kids, our household includes a Quaker parrot and 3 little Green Anoles (lizards). Needless to say, it’s not quiet much around here, and I have to squeeze knitting in between all the other things we try to do. I should also mention that my son is battling cancer for the 2nd time. He was initially diagnosed at age 6, and we enjoyed nearly 3 years of remission before a recent recurrence in November. He is doing well, and his tumor (in his left leg) is responding well to treatment, and so we just keep saying our prayers and enjoying each day as it comes!

I was taught to knit way back when I was a little girl by my Swedish grandmother. I really had never heard of English or Continental knitting until I started picking it back up again in recent weeks. I was reading a review of the book Kids Knitting, and the reviewer mentioned that she was disappointed that the author didn’t mention Continental-style knitting. So, that sent me on a web search to figure out what she meant, and that’s how I ended up here! I discovered that I am a Continental knitter, and I’m guessing that’s probably what my grandmother taught me, because I just naturally started knitting that way when I was going through the book I have.

Anyway, I have enjoyed the conversations out here that I’ve been able to take the time to read, and I look forward to others. So far I’ve managed to knit a teddy bear for my daughter and lots of little sample squares. Right now, though, I’m working on a backpack pattern from the Kids Knitting book – now that I have my circular needle cables all straightened out, that is! I’m also hoping to knit some squares for Warm Up America, and I’m trying to teach my son how to knit, too. He’s the one that got us all interested in it again. DD thinks she’s too young, but she’s gradually getting closer to giving it a try. :wink:

Nice to meet you all, and thank you to whomever gave me the wonderful advice on boiling my circular needle cables!

Hi Julie~

Very nice to meet you. I love the personal atmosphere of this forum. I hope you do too.

It is unfortunate that your son has to battle cancer. You will find a lot of support around here. There are a lot of “regulars” with stories of their own battles. We all have knitting in common, but the stories about why we started make this site special.

It’s a good feeling to know that I have things in my life that are similar to others. Two of my family members have battled cancer this past year. They have survived it. My brother used to have anoles. He’s also had iguanas and other types of lizards that I can’t remember. I am also a continental knitter. I hope your DD gets the courage soon to try her hand at knitting. She’s most certainly not too young. Tell her that I say, “hi” and I hope she will reply to me :slight_smile:

Welcome to my fav place to hang out online 8)

Hi! I’m from “west of chicago” also, I teach in DeKalb, but live in Dixon (aka “the boonies” don’t feel bad if you don’t know where it is). Think of all the cool homeschool lessons you can do with knitting once both DD and DS learn!!


Hi Julie!

First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your son having cancer. I think that one of the hardest (if not the hardest?) things to go through as a parent is watching your child battle a life-threatening disease.

I find knitting to be many wonderful things, including (usually) being a stress-reliever. Sometimes it’s a stress-inducer!!

I live in a Chicago suburb too, but I see that you are west & I’m north. Either way, it’s mighty cold, isn’t it? Plenty of months to wear knitted stuff!

:slight_smile: kimmie

Hi Julie and welcome! I’m in Illinois too but well south of Chicago by a hundred miles…Hildegard only ‘thinks’ she’s in the boondocks! :lol: However I work in Niles several times a month. Those of you up in the burbs are SO lucky to have so many great LYS’s close.
Sounds like you’ve a busy household. Our kids are grown and gone so it’s just me, dh and our three canines! :wink: Best wishes for your son’s recovery.
I’m also a continental knitter…having switched from English shortly after I was taught by a dear friend to knit…at the ripe young age of 50! That was a year ago. :smiley:
Happy Knitting!

Hildegard –

Not only do I know where that is, but I frequently meet my mother-in-law at the Pizza Hut right off of I-88 when the kids go to stay with her for a few days!! What a small world!

Beldaraan, Kimmie and Peg – good to hear from all of you, as well! This is just great! (OK – I’ve edited this 3 times now to make sure I acknowledged everybody!! :lol:)


Welcome! Glad to have you here and glad that you’ve found your niche. We’re sometimes a rowdy bunch (points to Heldie), but mostly we behave when Amy tells us to.

I wish your family well with what seems to be an uphill battle. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight.

On a brighter note, we have a Breast Cancer KAL going in the Knit Alongs section of this website. I would be honored if you could join us.

Best of luck,

Denise –

Thank you for the prayers. They are what makes this bearable. :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the KAL. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that yet. I’m still perfecting my purl. I need to sit down with the 'puter and Amy’s Continental-style purling video to make sure I’m doing it correctly. I tried it the other day while I was away from home, and it just didn’t look (or feel) right. I need to get busy on that, though, ‘cause I’m gettin’ real tired of garter stitch!

Thanks for the note. Now,I really need to get something done today!! :shock:

Welcome DotMom!

I’m saying a prayer for your son. Blessings to your whole family.

Wow, all of you IL people! My Dad’s from Tinley Park (Chicago suburb, I guess, I haven’t been there since I was a kid). The Orchard Hill school there (gee, am I even remembering the name correctly?) was founded by my grandmother, and is still in the family.

Happy knitting DotMom. (Love the name, BTW! Like dotCom, but better.) :slight_smile:


Hi Amy –

Thanks for the greeting and prayers. I have enjoyed your videos immensely. They have really helped me get headed in the right direction!

Tinley Park is SW of Chicago and is about 60 miles from us. (We’re in Saint Charles, btw) Don’t know anything about the schools down there, though!

Also, I had seen somewhere on your site that you’re into Shape Note singing. My children’s piano teacher has an interest in that, too, and has hosted at least one sing-a-long here in St. Charles. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls us into one sometime soon. :slight_smile: She knows that I sing, or should I say “used to.” Not much time for that these days, but I miss it dearly.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here. I, too, am amazed at how many here are from IL! Maybe we need to pull together a “knit in” of some sort in the future. :slight_smile:

I just had to pop in to add to the IL list–though I’m living in Texas now, I’m originally from the western suburbs. You guys are making me miss home! :frowning: I hope to move back there someday.

Yes, I suppose the opportunities to make useful knitted items come along more frequently up here in the Great White North, huh? :wink:

Small world!

I did just finish a nice toasty hat for my hubby two days ago when it was about 82 degrees!

Welcome. It’s always nice to meet a new member. Please give your son and DD hugs…it must be a very challenging time for your family right now, my prayers go out to you.

You’ll find wonderfully funny, understanding and supportive people here! Enjoy.

Funny. Hilarious. And I thought you loved me… good thing there’s not an emoticon for what I’m doing to the monitor right now :twisted:

Yes I totally agree! this would be great fun. Are there any yarn shops in St. Charles? Or we could do a knit in at Pizza Hut!!