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hi, new to this blog but not knitting. I’m an established knitter for over 40 years now. in those few years I have done many different techniques even worked on me and how I held yarn posturestopped holding to tight, all I could think of. Unfortunately falls resulted in torn rotator cuff as well as two ligiments. I understand I am not a good candidate for surgery. so say multiple docs
for over a year I have not been able to knit due to pain. I believe I have good posture and no forward head posture to aggravate it so does anyone have any suggestions. I love my hobby and don’t want to stop.
if I cant return to it I want to be able to help other s with issues

I have heard that Portuguese knitting often helps for various injuries.

Welcome to KH! I’m sorry to hear about your problems. It is very difficult to be forced to stop knitting.

Do you work on circular needles? They are a bit easier in some ways on the hands and arms.

There are some suggestions here including support gloves:

I don’t know if this will help, but this just popped up on FB.

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