Intro and need help with yarn selection

hi all. I’m new to this forum. The last sweater I knitted was about 15 years ago (yikes). I guess I made about 4 or 5 sweaters in my life, that’s all, but they were certainly wearable. I have 3 kids and a husband, and I’m hoping someone wants me to make them one, too. I live in northeast Pennsylvania.

Down in Allentown I see there’s a Hobby Lobby, which is 1-1/2 hours from me. We do have a LYS 45 minutes from here, which we passed yesterday but they were closed.

Last night I found your forum and pretty much spent hours reading posts, learning a lot about the yarns that are out there. I took plenty of notes.

So, I have a pattern but no yarn. I’m not really the type to buy dollar-a-skein yarn. I just can’t wear that. I would imagine wool would be too itchy for me , as plenty of times I have tried on wool and I’m always like, “OMG get it off me.” Also, I have a tendency to get staticky and get shocked a lot, like on car door handles. Yes, it’s fun going to pump gas in the winter :slight_smile: . Maybe a wool [I]blend [/I]. . .

So, considering this is my first sweater in a long time, I guess I won’t go buying $10 a ball yarn. Let’s just get back into this first, I’m thinking. Below is a picture of the pattern I bought. I just have no idea what that’s made of. It’s Leisure Time, so they just say “bulky weight, brown, variegated, and cream.”

I have no idea what type of yarn would work up nicely for this. Do they want a cotton, poly, what? I did find some yarn in brown and cream, but that style of yarn didn’t have tweed for the middle of the sweater.

So, I look forward to your answers and am excited to get back into knitting.


Go into Hobby lobby and wander through. There’s Fisherman’s wool which is inexpensive, Caron Simply soft in heathered tones. They may have Lion Woolease worsted which has a lot of tweedy heathered colors and that’s a mix of wool and acrylic. And there’s others too that might catch your fancy. What yarn does the pattern say to use? It looks like a worsted and that’s what you’ll want to use which all the yarns I mentioned are.

[QUOTE=suzeeq;1264862]. What yarn does the pattern say to use?

I did mention that, but afraid that with my long post, it got lost in there:

Bulky Weight, Brown, Variegated, and Cream.

I have some of those Leisure Arts pattern books too. Usually, there is a notation somewhere on the pattern, or at the first page of the book, that tells what yarns were actually used to knit the models. That might help you in your search.

There are lots of bulky yarns available at Hobby Lobby.

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking Lion Wool-Ease Chunky, Bernat Softee Chunky, or Patons Shetland Chunky.

Thanks so much for the help. I had emailed Leisure, as I was getting nervous about an answer. We are due for a lot of snow here tomorrow, so I want to get out in the morning and buy the yarn. Leisure said they used Lion Brand Homespun on everything. Very nice. Timely customer service.

I’m a beginner but I’ve heard Homespun is not an easy yarn to work with; a lady on one forum I visited said she loved it but wouldn’t recommend it for one’s first sweater because its hard to see the stitches and it can be difficult to frog.

Bulky Weight, Brown, Variegated, and Cream.

I meant the brand and name. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. I agree with Shandeh, those would be good bulky yarns that you could find. Homespun might be okay if you’re somewhat experienced. I don’t know what size needles the pattern says to use, but it’s difficult to knit on anything smaller than an 11.

The Lion Brand Homespun would be a good choice as well as the others suggested here. I am using it for a throw and had to get something that would not irritate my skin as I am very sensitive, so I choose my yarns carefully.

You can look over their inventory here and see if it’s something you would like. I chose it because it’s incredibly soft and durable. I bought mine at Michael’s or Wal-Mart, but I think I saw it in Hobby Lobby last week.

Let us know what you get. I love that sweater.

If you haven’t worked with Homespun before I wouldn’t use it for this project. Some don’t mind working with it, other’s hate it. The other bulky yarns mentioned would probably work fine. Good luck and welcome to the forum!

Thanks to all who posted opinions. I did go with Homespun, as I was itching (Yes, pun intended) to get started and every place around here didn’t have a tweed and two other colors. I came close to a different brand, but of course they were sold out of the cream color.

I’m definitely taking my daughter down to Allentown over X-mas break, to a different store for her, so we’ll do lunch, Hobby Lobby, all that. She’s interested in some very pretty knit tank tops I showed her.

Homespun - definitely not a yarn for beginners. You can’t even really show a beginner the difference between knit and pearl, at least not as clearly with smooth yarn. And yes, I see how it splits. It does curl up on itself, too, but I rolled skein into a ball and that has helped.

On the bright side, it is working up beautifully. Very soft. I’m already on the second color on the back. Must stop and get some holiday baking done.

I had my first fatality. I had the knitting on the ottoman and my son knelt right on the needle and bent it. Way to go Devin :thumbsup: Thankfully, he didn’t get hurt. (Note to self, buy another set of long #9 needles.)

Again, thanks. Cross your knitting needles that my daughter will want to learn. It’s so much fun, and I’m sooo happy I finally got back into it.