Intro and laddering question

Hi all -

I don’t think I did a formal intro here but responded to a post waaaayyy back a few weeks when I wasn’t insanely swamped with various life thingies.

Anyhow, HI! My name is Jenn, I’m new to knitting (only in it 6 months or so). I’m a photographer by trade part-time and a SAHM to my son, Patrick, who is a very crazy 2 year old.

I’ve been a lurker here for awhile. LOVE this site and it’s been so incredibly helpful to me in my learning of the craft.

So, now for my question. I’m making the blanket it in first Stitch N Bitch book (it’s the only one in there) and I’m having a HUGE problem with laddering. Part of the pattern is 52 knit stitches and the switch to 52 purl stitches in each row. I’m trying to knit the purls as tight as humanly possible and I’m still getting this ladder effect where the knits switch to purls. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can remedy that. I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Hi Jenn! Welcome!

Okay, I think I see what your saying. You’re getting a ladder up the middle of the blanket, where the stockinette section meets the reverse-stockinette section?

I think I remember someone else talking about that somewhere, so you’re not alone. Is it possible that you are not bringing the yarn to the front, first, to purl, and to the back, first, to knit? Or not approaching the stitch from behind the working yarn, to purl, or in front of the working yarn, to knit? Check out the videos on working ribbing, to see how to alternate from knit to purl…

Otherwise, I can’t imagine how a ladder would be happening. Normally, you don’t need to work extra tight, or anything, and if you’re working really tight at that join, I can only think that you are somehow wrapping the yarn over the needle in an extra way.

Hope that helps!

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m saying. But, I’m definitely moving the yarn back and forth as it should be. I had a nasty experience trying to learn seed stitch and now it’s burned in my head to do the switching. Maybe I’ll work up a swatch of it to show you.

I’ll go look at the videos and see if there’s not some subtle thing I’m not doing that would make a difference.